Advanced Guide to Bingo Bonuses

Advanced Guide to Bingo Bonuses

- October 25, 2016

No deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty points… with so many kinds of online bingo bonuses, it might seem tricky to figure it all out. But don’t worry, we here at want to make sure you have everything you need for your next bingo game. So we are going to talk about everything – and we mean everything – you need to know about the world of bingo bonuses.

Even if you are new to playing online bingo, you will notice that there are hundreds of options on the internet. There are loads of websites out there, and all of these sites want you to play! Bingo bonuses are features of a good site brand and are used as a way to attract new bingo players, as well as keep existing players.

While the numerous types of bonuses can seem overwhelming, the great news is that these bonuses often fall into several major categories. These are: New Player Bingo Bonuses, Loyalty Bingo Bonuses, One-Off Bingo Bonuses and Bingo Side Game Bonuses. We will tackle them all in this advanced guide to bingo bonuses. You will also learn all about bingo wagering requirements, so that you know exactly how to make the most out of your bonus.

Check out the table of contents for our ultimate guide to bingo bonuses:

I. Bingo Lingo for Bonuses

II. The Complete Guide to New Player Bingo Bonus

III. The Ultimate Guide to Loyalty Bingo Bonuses

IV. The Helpful Guide to One-Off Bonuses

V. The Definitive Guide to Side Game Bonuses

VI. The Ins and Outs of Bingo Bonus Wagering Requirements

I. Bingo Lingo for Bonuses

Before we plunge into this complete guide to online bingo bonuses, let’s talk about some terms that will often pop up in this article:

DepositWhen you fund your online bingo account, you do so with deposits. Depending on the site, you can make deposits via credit card, debit card or e-wallet options like NETeller and PayPal.
WithdrawalWithdrawal refers to the act of taking out money out of your bingo account. The rules for making withdrawals depend of the terms of use of a website, so make sure that you read these first before opening an account.
Cash BalanceWhen you sign up to an online bingo site, you deposit money into your account. These funds that you input are turned into your “cash balance” at the gaming site. The cash balance includes the money that you will win from playing online bingo games and side games.
Bonus BalanceWhen you navigate through the bingo site of your choice, you might find a separate “bonus balance” that reflects all of the “free” money that you have collected from the bingo site. Your bonus balance will include all of your bonuses, free bingo winnings and converted loyalty points.
Buy-inIn online bingo, the buy-in is the purchase of bingo tickets with either real money or bonuses using your account at the website.
PayoutPayout refers to the amount that is withdrawn from an online bingo account.

Remember to check on your preferred bingo bonus site about the cash balance and the bonus balance. There are some sites that do not reflect your bonus balance. If this is the case, then your bonuses are usually put directly in your cash balance.

Now we move forward to the good stuff – here are all of the possible bingo bonuses you can claim!

II. The Complete Guide to New Player Bingo Bonus

There is nothing that online bingo sites like better than bringing lots of new players into the fold. This very first bonus category is dedicated to entice all of the bingo newbies out there to register to sites and deposit into bingo accounts. If you are one of these newbies, then check out these new player bingo bonuses!

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

Bingo has taken the internet by storm in the last few years. Hundreds of sites are out there, all competing for new players. This is why new bingo sites offer you the chance to play games without even depositing a single penny through no deposit bingo bonuses. No deposit bingo bonuses give you the opportunity to check out the site and learn the ropes before committing any real money. This is one of the best ways you can practice before making a wager.

There are typically two types of no deposit bingo bonuses. The first are special promotion bonuses. These are bonuses that are offered in conjunction with a newly released game or site.

Velvet Bingo offers a great no deposit bingo bonus for all first time players. Velvet Bingo is a site that is full of cool, retro features that make it different from other bingo sites on the internet today. The site features a plush red background, gold blinking lights and a 1940's theme. One of the main points of attraction to this site is the welcome bonus it offers. Once you have registered your details, you can claim anywhere from £15 to £500 using a special code. Sign up at Velvet Bingo online for free and start playing with your bonus money!

The second and the more popular type of no deposit bonus is the welcome bingo bonus, which will be discussed in depth below.

Bingo Welcome Bonus Offers

Bingo sites often offer players bonus money to play with as a way to welcome them to the online bingo world. As mentioned earlier, these bonuses are given even before you deposit any amount. You can claim this bonus by simply registering on the site. The amount that is given varies among bingo sites with free sign up bonus. Spin Genie Bingo, for example, offers a £5 welcome bonus. All you have to do is to do is sign up for Spin Genie Bingo online and you will be rewarded your free cash.

Whatever the amount that is given, it will be enough for you to play a couple of real games. Typically, sign up bingo bonuses only last for a limited time period. Some may last for a day, while some may last for a week. Just keep in mind that there is a time limit, and you should use up the bonus within that duration.

If you want to withdraw bingo winnings that you’ve earned with this bonus, you will need to meet a certain wagering requirement first (which we will talk about more later on). Despite these restrictions, welcome bonuses are a great way for you to learn bingo and try out a variety of sites without spending a thing.

Initial Deposit Bingo Bonus

The initial bingo deposit bonus is also known as the first-time depositor bonus. The name in itself gives an idea of how it works. These bonuses are designed to multiply the amount of your first deposit by a specified percentage. So, for example Sun Bingo offers an initial deposit bonus that looks like this: “200% of your initial deposit up to £200”.

This means that every deposit of £50, you would receive additional bonus funds of £100. If you want to deposit £100, you will get £200. If you want to deposit £150, you will still only get £200 because this was the stated maximum.

Another mobile bingo site that offers a first-time depositor bonus is Hunky Bingo. Hunky Bingo is a popular female-facing site with a unique marketing strategy. This site offers newly registered members a massive 700% initial deposit bonus. This bonus is comprised of a 200% bingo bonus, a 200% games bonus and a 300% worth of free bingo tickets. For a minimum first deposit of £10, you receive £20 of bingo funds, £20 of games bonus funds and £30 worth of tickets.

As the name implies, you will only get to claim the first-time depositor bonus once, so you can make the most out of it by depositing the amount that will get you the maximum bonus. In the case of Sun Bingo, it would be £100. There is no advantage to depositing more than that amount, so don’t. Instead, wait for a reload bonus after you make the initial deposit. Reload bonuses are given to existing players, and you can read all about it in our next bonus category.

III. The Ultimate Guide to Loyalty Bingo Bonuses

Once you have started playing bingo online at a trusted site, then the site does everything it can to encourage you to continue to play. This brings us to the loyalty bingo bonuses. These bonuses are designed to turn new players into permanent roomies.

Bingo Reload Bonus

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your bingo site would just reward you extra money each time you deposit to your account? Well, the good news is, the top bingo sites actually do! This bonus is known as the bingo reload bonus or the redeposit bonus.

The reload bingo bonus works pretty much the same way as bingo sites with free signup bonus offers. When you receive a bonus, it will multiply your deposit amount by a certain percentage. Let us take Katie’s Bingo as our example. This bingo site offers a reload bonus of: “100% of your second deposit” and “200% of your third deposit”.

So when you sign up for Katie’s Bingo and deposit for the second time, you will receive the exact amount as your bonus. If you deposited £50, then you also get £50 for free. It gets even better the third time around, because you will receive 200% the amount of your deposit. If you deposit £50, you will receive £100 for free.

Deposit 10 Bingo Bonus

As you may have noticed, many of the new bingo games sites deposit bonus rewards are based on percentage amounts. But there is another kind of bonus that allows you to see exactly how much you are going to get for each deposit. You will often stumble upon these bonuses displayed as:

  • Deposit £10 Get £10 Free!
  • Deposit £10 Get £20 Free!
  • Deposit £10 Get £30 Free!
  • Deposit £10 Get £40 Free!
  • Deposit £10 Get £45 Free!

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea. So keep your eyes peeled for the most generous deposit 10 get free bonus and you might just end up quadrupling your deposit amount!

Spin the Wheel Bingo Bonus

Online bingo sites always strive to find new ways to entertain their players. Spin the Wheel bingo bonus is a perfect example. It seems that it’s not enough to just give you a bonus, sites want to make sure you are excited for the bonus you get.

Spin the Wheel is a type of reload bingo bonus that is drawn from the popular concept of “spinning the wheel” where you can win a random prize depending on where the wheel stops. Once you have deposited an amount, you can collect this bonus by spinning a virtual wheel that has several amounts on it. It could be £5, £10, £15 and other increments up to the highest amount. Wherever the wheel lands, that is the bonus amount that you will receive. Tidy Bingo is a neat and clean bingo site with an easy-to-navigate layout that offers spin the wheel bonuses. You have a chance to win anywhere between £5 to £2,500 when you visit the Tidy Bingo site.

Bingo VIP Bonus (Loyalty Bonus)

Quality bingo sites offer a points-based loyalty program that credits you with points for every buy-in you make. The idea is simple: the more you play, the more points you get. Once you’ve collected a certain amount of points, you can convert them into funds in your account and you them to buy even more tickets.

Sites have different VIP schemes. Some sites offer you the chance to achieve a special VIP status only if you wager a certain minimum amount over a specific timeframe. Once you get to the VIP status, you can access a whole other selection of the best bingo bonuses and promotions that are exclusive to the VIP members.

Zinger Bingo has a VIP scheme in place to show appreciation for loyal players. The program has four levels – Zinger Bronze, Zinger Silver, Zinger Gold and Zinger Platinum. The levels are based on monthly deposits. VIP players in Zinger Bingo are classified, and levels are updated on a monthly basis.

As you may have guessed, the benefits for VIP players get bigger and better the higher your level is. Zinger Gold members get five free tickets to fun bingo games for every deposit, while Zinger Platinum members get ten free games. There are other advantages exclusive to the VIP club, including the cashback bonus which we will talk about next.

Cash Back Bingo Bonus

A number of bingo sites offer cash back bonuses. This bonus is offered to you should you burn through your entire cash balance. A cash back bonus is a percentage of your bets that will be credited back to your account, allowing you to play again. The cash back is usually returned to your cash balance.

When you sign up for Zinger Bingo online and become a VIP member, you are eligible for the cashback bonus. For Zinger Silver members, the site offers a 5% cashback. For Zinger Gold, the cashback is 10% and for Zinger Platinum, the cashback is 15%. This means even that if you don’t have any more money to deposit, you will still have funds to play a few rounds of bingo, courtesy of the cashback.

IV. The Helpful Guide to One-Off Bingo Bonuses

Every now and then awesome bingo sites just want to express appreciation to you for sticking with them. One off bingo bonuses are freebies that are given to you as a way to make you feel special. You don’t even need to deposit to your cash balance in order to receive these. These bonuses are simply a way for bingo sites to say “Thank You” for choosing to have fun in their virtual bingo hall.

Bingo Birthday Bonuses

Guess who else wants to greet you on your birthday? Why your bingo site, of course! Online bingo sites know that your birthday is a special day. So you will get to receive a special bonus as you celebrate another exciting, bingo-filled year.

Bonuses like this are not limited to birthdays only. Sites often offer bonuses for other momentous special occasions like Valentine’s Day and the Christmas holidays. Be sure to explore your favourite website for more promotions that are just waiting to be claimed.

Bingo Referral Bonus

In many ways, the best expression of loyalty to a bingo site is if you can recommend it to your friends. This is why online bingo sites offer referral bonuses to reward those who can bring more players in. The referral bonus usually comes in the form of bonus funds or additional points to the VIP program.

When you visit the Hunky Bingo site, you will see several great deals for all bingo lovers. The site already offers a massive 700% first deposit bonus, but it also offers referral bonuses. Every successful invite you make earns you an extra £10 worth of playing funds.

Other Bingo Promo Codes

Once you have become a loyal player of your bingo site, then it is the site’s goal to make sure you never get bored. So sites offer bingo promotion codes that are designed to keep things interesting my mixing things up.

Bingo bonus codes are a kind of bonus in which you have to enter a specific code on the website in order to claim the promotion. Free bingo bonus codes are usually given in conjunction with a new game release or a special event. These codes are typically distributed via email or SMS. Sometimes, chat hosts will also announce a promo code in the chat room. So if you want to get your hands on these promo codes, make sure you subscribe to the updates of your preferred bingo site!

V. The Definitive Guide to Bingo Side Game Bonuses

Popular bingo websites do not only offer bingo. Most sites also have side games or instant-win games. These instant games commonly include bingo slots and virtual scratch-off games. There are many reasons to play bingo side games. Players often enjoy these instant games in between bingo rounds, while waiting for the action to start. Some games can also be played while playing bingo.

Winning bingo side games will reward you with more bonuses. Here are some of the common side games that you can play on your next visit to the bingo site.

Scratch Cards

Thanks to the internet, scratch cards are now a far cry from the plain cardboard tickets that we used to have. Now, scratch cards are a fun feature of online bingo sites like Mecca Bingo and All Stars Bingo. Scratch cards are fun instant win games that offer bonuses as prizes.

If you are not familiar with scratch cards, don’t you worry. It is very simple. You get a card and scratch off the surface to reveal the symbols underneath. Usually, scratch cards require three matching symbols in order to win the prize.

Some online bingo sites offer daily bingo scratch card bonuses for existing players. This is a great way for you to play an extra game and boost your bonus balance. These scratch card games are free, and you can access them if you met the previous day’s wagering requirements. Daily scratch cards often have small bonuses, ranging from £1 to £10.

Slots Games

It is undeniable that slots are a major hit among online players. In fact, there are many mobile casinos that solely offer online slots. This is why most of the latest bingo sites make sure that they have instant-win games like bingo slots no deposit bonus rewards.

Just like starch cards, online slots are easy to understand. All you have to do is hit the “Spin” button and the game begins. The exciting music kicks in and the reels spin until everything stops to reveal what prize you have won.

Katie’s Bingo is an example of a site that features online slots. As part of the 300% welcome bonus, Katie’s Bingo gives every new player 10 free spins on Fluffy Favourites slots. Fluffy Favourites is a popular game for bingo players because of the cute graphics and cuddly toys that appear on the reels. Aside from online slots, you can also get reload bonuses and VIP points when you join Katie’s Bingo site.

Bingo Chat Games

A bingo chat game is an instant-win game that takes place in the virtual bingo room. When you participate in the different types of bingo chat games, you get to interact with all of the other players, plus you get a chance to claim extra bonuses!

In order to play, all you have to do is to be present at the bingo chat room and follow the rules that will be given by the chat host. You can absolutely join any game that the chat host will start. The rules are always explained before the game begins, so you don’t have to worry if you are new to the chat room. The prizes typically come in the form of reload bonuses or bingo promo codes.

The best bingo chat games usually go like this: Your chat host will post a question, and the first roomie to write the answer wins the prize.

There are many topics and themes that can be covered by a chat game. Sports fans will love the sports-themed chat games. In sports themed chat games, roomies will be asked challenging questions about the UEFA Champions League or the NBA Finals. If you are a music lover, you can pick a music themed chat game. In this game, the chat host will type some lyrics in, and you have to type the lyrics that follow, plus the name of the artist who performed the song. Some chat games also question you on fun facts about bingo.

If you don’t want to answer any trivia questions, then there are also chat games that only require facts you already know. For example, the birthday chat game is a game where you and all your roomies provide your birth date. The birthdays have to be written in a day-month-year format, like this: 12-03-77 or 09-30-78. If your birthday numbers are called out during the bingo game, then you will be given a bonus!

VI. The Ins and Outs of Bingo Bonus Wagering Requirements

Now that you know all about online bingo bonuses and what they offer, another crucial thing for you to do is to learn about bingo wagering requirements. As a universal rule, any bonus funds in your balance will come with a wagering requirement. Let’s take a look at what that is.

What are Bingo Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements (also called playthrough requirements) specify the amount of money you need to wager before you can cash out your bonus winnings. There requirements are usually written in terms of a multiple of the bonus.

Let’s look at this example:

Your chosen Android compatible bingo website states that a 300% initial deposit bonus has a x4 playthrough requirement. So you make a deposit of £50 and receive £150 as your bonus. Your total balance reflects that you have £200 in your bingo account.

  • If the site has a x4 playthrough requirement for both deposit and bonus, then that means you need to wager (£200 x 4) before you can withdraw from your account. £200 multiplied by four is £800 in total.
  • If the site has a x4 playthrough requirement for the bonus only, then you need to wager (£150 x 4). That means you have to bet £600 before you can withdraw from your account.

The details of wagering requirements vary widely among bingo sites. So the most important thing is that you read the terms and conditions of the website you are in before you accept your bonus funds.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

So you might be wondering why sites have to have wagering requirements. After all, it seems a bit of a drag having to know all these requirements when all you want to do is use your bonuses. The first reason is simple and fair. Wagering requirements help trusted online bingo sites ensure that all players are not engaging in illegal activities like money laundering. Of course, many bingo players like yourself are honest use the bingo deposit methods correctly. The wagering requirements are just there to protect everyone from those few dishonest players who could take advantage of the bonus scheme.

Another reason for wagering requirements is that online bingo is a very competitive industry. As we’ve mentioned several times earlier, the goal of bingo sites is to attract new players. But sites also what these players to continue playing over a long period of time. That is why wagering requirements are designed to keep you in that website longer. If you stop and think about it, if bingo website just gave away welcome bonuses and initial deposit bonuses in the form of immediately redeemable cash, then many players would just take the money and run. So wagering requirements are in place to make sure that the bingo site is successful.

Sticky Bonuses and Redeemable Bonuses

You might be surprised to learn that most online bingo bonuses can never be cashed out from your balance. So when it comes to bingo bonus wagering requirements, your bonuses fall into two categories. First are the sticky bonuses, and second are the redeemable bonuses.

First, let's talk about sticky bonuses. These bonuses are funds that stay in your account that allow you to play bingo games and win real money, but the original amount itself cannot turn into real money. In this case, it’s the money that you win that you can eventually withdraw, not the bonus itself. On the other hand, redeemable bonuses are bonuses that are actually converted into real money in your account once you meet the playthrough requirements.

Keep in mind that there are much more sticky bonuses than redeemable bonuses out there. If you manage to receive redeemable bonuses, these are usually subject to a higher wagering requirement.

So how do you successfully clear your wagering requirement? You do so by playing until you have spent the required amount. If you know how to play bingo and get winning streak, then you might even clear your wagering requirement using the winnings from the original bonus alone, without needing to deposit additional money. But what if you are not so lucky? At most bingo sites, if the bonus and the pending balance hit zero, the wagering requirement is considered cleared.

Bingo Bonuses and Wagering Requirements: The Bottom Line

Although it may seem that wagering requirements are a lot to deal with, the most important thing is that you know what to expect when you receive a bonus. New bingo bonuses are great and they can be a lot of fun. What you need to do is take some time to read and understand the wagering requirements of the bonuses you are offered. If you don’t understand the terms and conditions or you need some bingo tips, then simply ask! All reputable websites have quality customer support services that are available to you via chat, email or phone. You can also ask your fellow roomies – or even better, your chat host. As long as you do these, you will surely have fun using your many online bingo bonuses!

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