Bingo Lingo: Bingo Terms You Need to Know

Bingo Lingo: Bingo Terms You Need to Know

- September 08, 2016

Bingo is a game that a lot of people love. Anyone from a wide age group can play it since the rules of the games are simple. Even celebrities love to play bingo. However, not everyone knows the jargon that is used in calling numbers. Perhaps you were given an online bingo welcome bonus, so you decided to give the game a try. It’s easy to get swamped and confused with all the calls that bingo callers use for numbers. If you can’t follow the slang, you just might miss your chance to yell out “BINGO!” So before sign up with Tombola Bingo, stack up on your bingo lingo knowledge using our list below.

Bingo Lingo in the UK

Online bingo callers in the UK often use traditional nicknames to call out particular numbers as they are drawn. Often referred to as “bingo lingo,” the bingo rhymes cover most of the numbers from one to 90. Most of these nicknames have been used for many decades. If you’re planning to play bingo in a hall for the first time, you will see that most of the people in the crowd know the common bingo calls. In some halls, the caller will announce the number and the players will respond with the nickname or the rhyme. It simply adds fun to the game. Whether you are new to daubing numbers on a play ticket or you want to know about bingo calling for beginners, it is good for you to learn about bingo lingo first.

What are Bingo Nicknames?

In bingo, many numbers have been given their own nicknames. They are typically phrases that are mentioned along with the number just to emphasize the number that has been called or to simply add fun to the game – some can be incredibly hilarious. These nicknames can be as simple as “four and nine” or as peculiar as “two and six; bed and breakfast, twenty-six”.

In general, nicknames are categorized into two types – those that rhyme and those with reason. This can be illustrated with the number 20 that has two nicknames. This number is often referred to as “one score” since a score is 20. However, it can also be called as “getting plenty” simply because it rhymes with twenty. Regardless of the types of bingo games that you play, it still comes down to the personal taste of the bingo callers. Some callers use a mixture of both bingo lingo categories. There are a few numbers which have both reason and rhyme, some can make you laugh, and there are a few lonely numbers which do not have a nickname at all.

Essential Bingo Lingo

The main bingo nicknames that you have to keep in mind are the single digits (one to nine, mentioned along the phrase “on its own”), twin numbers (eg 55), and the tens (called out with the word “blind”). Once you’ve memorized these numbers, you have gone through half of the battle. After getting through these, test your bingo lingo knowledge through free online bingo games.

Bingo Numbers Called with the Phrase “On its Own”

When these numbers are called, they follow this format: On its own, [nickname], number [number]. For example, for number five the caller will say, “On its own, man alive, number five.” The following are the most common bingo nicknames used to call out single-digit numbers.

NumberBingo Nickname
1Kelly’s Eye; Bingo Baby; At the Beginning
2One Little Duck; Me and You; Doctor Who
3I’m free; One Little Flea; Debbie McGee
4Knock on the Door; the One Next Door
5Man Alive
7Lucky for Some; Lucky; One Little Crutch
8One Fat Lady; Garden Gate
9Doctor’s Orders

Bingo Numbers Called With the Phrase “All the”

These are twin numbers that are called out in this format: All the x’s, [nickname], xx. “x” stands for the corresponding single-digit number so for 55, the caller will say, “All the five’s, snakes alive, fifty-five.” Remember to watch out for these nicknames if you want to win in online bingo.

NumberBingo Nickname
11Legs Eleven (the crowd may also refer to it as “Kelly’s Legs” if the caller has already called number one)
22Two Little Ducks (crowd respond by shouting “quack, quack”); Dinky Doo
33All the Feathers; Two Little Fleas; All the Trees, Sherwood Forest, Thirty-Three
44Droopy Drawers (if you take a look at the numbers, they could be legs of two loose women with one heel leaning against the wall)
55Snakes Alive
77Sunset Strip
88Two Fat Ladies (crowd may respond by shouting “wobble, wobble”)

Bingo Numbers Called with the Word “Blind”

These numbers are called in this format: x-oh, [nickname], blind x0. The “x” stands for the single-digit number so for 30, the bingo caller will say, “Three-zero, Dirty Gertie, Thirty.”

NumberBingo Nickname
10Tony's Den; Cock and Hen
20One Score; Getting Plenty
30Dirty Gertie; Flirty Thirty; Burlington Bertie
40Two Score
50Bullseye; Half a Century; or “Five-oh, five-oh, it's off to work we go”
60Three Score; Five Dozen
70Three Score and Ten
80Gandhi's Breakfast
90Top of the Shop; As Far As We Go

Miscellaneous Bingo Nicknames

There are other bingo nicknames that do not rhyme with their corresponding numbers. However, bingo callers from common types of online bingo games use these phrases because they are often associated with the numbers.

NumberBingo Nickname
12A Dozen; Monkey's Cousin
13Unlucky for Some; Baker's Dozen
14Valentine's Day (14th February)
15Rugby Team
16Sweet Sixteen; Never Been Kissed
17Dancing Queen; Often Been Kissed
18Key of the Door; Coming of Age
19Goodbye Teens
21Key of the Door; Royal Salute
23Lord's My Shepherd
26Bed and Breakfast; Half a Crown

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