What are the Best Chat Games to Play at Online Bingo Sites?

What are the Best Chat Games to Play at Online Bingo Sites?

- September 08, 2016

A bingo chat game is an online game that takes place in a virtual bingo room, often called a chat room. When you play these chat games, you get to interact with all of the other players in the virtual bingo hall. Plus, you get a chance to claim extra prizes!

You will find that bingo chat games are offered at nearly all of the popular online bingo sites, so you will never have a shortage of these fun and engaging games.

How Do Bingo Chat Games Work?

Chat games are easy to understand, even for new players. It pretty much works like a physical bingo hall. There is a chat host who entertains, moderates and makes announcements regarding bingo bonuses and promotions. There is also a bingo caller who announces the winning numbers. The chat host is the one who starts a new chat game every so often. The chat games do not affect the ongoing online bingo game. These games are just a way to have more fun.

Bingo chat games allow you to make new friends and meet fellow players. Your fellow players are called “roomies”. You can even have conversations with a roomie through a private chat window. You get to share stories, make comments and even crack jokes!

How to Play and What Can You Win?

In order to play, all you have to do is be present in the online bingo room and follow the rules given by the chat host. You can join absolutely any chat game that the chat host might start. The rules are always explained before the game begins, so you don’t have to worry if you are just starting out.

Usually, the prizes come in the form of bingo deposit bonuses or other bingo bonus codes. Oftentimes, if you play online bingo for free, you can still join the games but you are not eligible to receive the prizes. So make sure that you are a depositing player if you want to earn the prizes.

Best Bingo Chat Games to Play

When it comes to the types bingo chat games, there is a wide variety for you to choose from. In fact, there are games out there for every single kind of person. In addition, gaming providers are always launching new games for websites like Sun Bingo and Tombola Bingo. so when you are bored with a certain game, you can always find another that suits your style.

Chat Games for the Sports Fan

Themed chat games are games that are based on current and popular events, such as sports. If you happen to be a football fan or a basketball lover who plays bingo games online, then there will be chat rooms that are perfect for you. In sports themed chat rooms, roomies will be asked challenging questions about the Rio Olympics or the UEFA Champions League tournament. Hot prizes await you if you get the answer correctly!

Chat Games for the Music Lover

Avid music fan? Then you will surely enjoy the music-themed chat rooms at the latest bingo sites. There are many variations for this chat game. First, you can join the music games. In these games the chat host will type some lyrics in, and you have to type the name of the artist who is responsible for the song. The first one who types the correct artist wins.

There are also karaoke games. In these games, that chat host will type some lyrics in, and you have to type in the lyrics that come after that. Sometimes, the chat host will require that you give the song title too.

Chat Games for the Geeks (Trivia)

Trivia chat games involve questions from all kinds of categories, such as history, politics, science and math. Literally anything and everything can be asked by the chat host, from names of presidents to fun facts about bingo. Trivia games are fast-paced, so make sure you are prepared to type in the answer as quick as possible so you can win a round.

Chat Games for Everyone

There are other game variations that can be enjoyed by everyone. Usually, these games don’t involve thinking or answering questions. Instead, they involve facts you already know. For example, the birthday chat game is a game where you all have to provide your birth date. The birthdays have to be written in a day-month-year format, like this: 12-11-78 or 11-09-65. If your birthday numbers are called out in the bingo draw, then you will be given a prize.

You can visit the Sun Bingo site for a round of bingo and some bingo chat games.

If you are not in the mood for any of these chat games, then never fear! There are other bingo side games that you can check out. Many sites have slot games like Fluffy Favourites that is a perfect game when you are in between bingo rounds.

Remember these Rules of Etiquette!

Playing bingo chat games can get very exciting and even competitive. Just remember some of these rules of etiquette for playing online bingo so that everyone can have a great time.

  1. First, always respect the bingo chat host. As a responsible player, you should avoid distracting or interrupting the chat host because that might result in losing your chat privileges.
  2. Do not write in capital letters. Usually, it is only the chat host who writes in caps to distinguish himself or herself from the rest of the roomies. In order to avoid confusion, stick to using regular text.
  3. Make sure to use an appropriate username. It’s okay to pick a name that is not your real name, but if the name is inappropriate, the chat host will request you to change the name.
  4. Lastly, be polite! Remember that you are all in the chat room to have fun. So you have to play your part to make it an awesome time for everyone.

If you love and enjoy bingo chat games, why not try being a chat host? We have some very helpful tips for being a great bingo chat host.

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