What Makes Good Bingo Games?

What Makes Good Bingo Games?

- September 08, 2016

Do you need help choosing a new bingo game that is worthy of your time? Well, we at hityah.com love to help punters like you, so we have listed the things that make a good bingo game. Check out these four features that could help you narrow down your search for your next favourite game.

1) Bingo Games with High Quality Graphics

There are many things that make a good bingo game. But the very first impression an online bingo game makes is its visual impact. Great bingo games, like those found at Virtue Fusion bingo sites, feature high-definition graphics that are pleasing to the eye. If you encounter a bingo game with weak graphics, then it doesn’t give you the same quality of experience. It would be much more enjoyable if you could see the bingo cards and chat text with clarity. Plus, a themed background pulls the whole interface together.

2) Bingo Games with the Auto-daub Feature

In traditional bingo halls, you had to pay close attention to the bingo caller to block out your numbers. This can be challenging, especially if you are talking with friends at the table or eating a snack while playing. In online bingo rooms like those in Tombola Bingo 90, you also get to chat with your roomies while the game is going on, plus you might be distracted by other side games. This is why great sites have the auto-daub feature. This feature basically blocks out the numbers for you, making it impossible for you to miss a number called. So you can enjoy telling a story to your roomies, or check other things and get back to your bingo game with ease.

3) Bingo Games that have Excellent Chat Hosts

A huge part of the bingo game experience involves interactions with the bingo chat host. If you have been playing bingo apps for a while, you know exactly what a fun and sociable game bingo can be. Bingo gets groups of people together and have a great time, and no gathering is complete without a great bingo host.

A bingo host takes several roles in the virtual bingo room – a moderator, entertainer, announcer, promoter and all-around bingo expert. A bingo chat host can influence the mood of an entire game. So a wonderful chat host is a crucial ingredient to what makes a good bingo game.

4) Bingo Games that Let You Win Huge Jackpots

Good online bingo games give you many opportunities to win big prizes. This is why progressive jackpots are very attractive to players. Unlike fixed jackpots that have a specific amount that does not change, progressive jackpots increase as more and more online players add to the prize pool. Online bingo games have been known to reach hundreds of thousands (sometimes even millions) of pounds!

So there are the features that you should look for when you are deciding what bingo game to play next. There are other features that make a good bingo game, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what type of game fits you best. What’s great about the internet is that it offers you so many game choices. There are 50-ball bingo games, 80-ball bingo games, speed bingo games and so much more to try! You can check out our list of bingo reviews, like the Ladbrokes bingo review, if you need help selecting a new game.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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