How Does A Free Bingo Site Work?

The Love Of Bingo

Most bingo fans like to play on free bingo sites at some point or another. The feeling players get while enjoying this type of game, is second to none. The reason they feel this way is because it's FREE! AND you can also win great prizes while playing Free Bingo!

But how can these sites survive if the games don’t cost a single penny to play? Let’s get our magnifying glass out, and take a closer look at the facts in more detail.

Free Bingo Sites UK

Giving bingo lovers the joy of playing free bingo UK, is a great thing to do, but just how are the sites able to provide this service? Some sites have sponsors, who will provide them with various prizes that the site can give to their players when they win at bingo. The gifts can vary from mugs, t-shirts and even key rings. Sometimes the prizes are donated by other bingo sites, and can be bigger prizes like a laptop, iPhone or even a gift voucher.

To be able to keep providing the bingo games for free, some free bingo sites will allow online bingo sites to advertise. They will charge these bingo sites a fee, which can be dependent on how busy the free bingo site is. Maybe you’re asking yourself “What is advertising and what does it mean?”

Attractive Advertising

Online bingo sites will pay the free bingo site to place their brand’s banner on their website. This could be situated anywhere, but is mainly on or around the home page. This is so the advert catches the free bingo player’s eyes. Bingo sites are always looking for new bingo players and are willing to pay to get them. New bingo sites also need extra exposure and are even more likely to pay for these players.

What is Free Bingo?

This is a game where members who are registered at the free site, can play for nothing. The game is played on a 75-ball bingo card grid or 90 ball bingo grid. Players receive the same amount of tickets, and this means that everyone has the same chance of winning.

As many bingo fans know, when playing the game they love, it’s hard to compete with the players who maximise their cards every round. So, having the game were everyone playing has the same amount of cards is welcoming news to bingo fans.

The Exciting Free Prizes

These can range from t-shirts through to mugs, but sometimes there are other types of gifts. Such as Hampers, beauty products, laptops, iphones, gift vouchers and even points that will be displayed onto a leader board. Tournaments are sometimes played, and this will mean that the players will be competing against one another for a big prize.

The People Behind The Scenes

The team will have been carefully selected. They would need to have some bingo experience to work for the bingo site. Training will be given and supervision provided until they were qualified. Ultimately the team would look something like the example shown below:

The Bingo Manager

This person will be in charge of all the operations, concerning the running the brand. They create chat games, promotions and even hire the team. Many staff work on a voluntary basis and go on to paid employment at other sites. The manager is also responsible for all the branded merchandise and many other duties. There are hundreds of items involved with the daily running of an online bingo site.

The Chat Host 

The host is in charge of running the chat room. They meet and greet the players as they enter and leave the chat room. The host will promote the sites events, and play chat games with the members. If you’re new to bingo, you may be wondering what a ‘Chat Game’ is? Don’t worry, because we have an example for you to view below:

Chat Game Example

There are loads of different types of games that could be played. From I Spy, Missing Word, Birthday Bingo, Neighbours through to Beat The CH. Please view our example of a chat game below:

Lucky Number Chat Game

The chat game is ‘Lucky Number’ The Chat Host will ask you to pick a number between 1-90, and this will be your number until the game ends. When your number has been announced by the caller, be the first person to type into the chat box. ‘Your number & the word ‘Lucky Number’, and you will win 1,000 points. 

If you want further information on chat games and how to play bingo online you will find it on the How to Play Bingo page.

The Accountant

The person who runs this department is accountable for all money received by people who advertise on the site. As even free sites need a licence, any source of cash received must be accounted for. Even though there will be no money paid out to any players, the accountant will need to take care of any money from sponsors or advertisers.

Talking about accounting, don't forget to see what free bingo site UK offers you can get at Paypal Bingo Sites here at

The Marketing Team;

These people will take care of all advertisements, and this can include social media adverts too. They may write blog posts about the free site, or advertise on other bingo sites. The list of things marketers can do is endless.

The Gift Organiser 

This is the person who will be in charge of buying and receiving the prizes that will be given to the players when they win them. They will have to make sure that everything is organised, and the winner’s prizes are delivered to them on time. Other online bingo sites might send the free bingo site, some gifts to use as prizes too. Then the organiser would have to ensure they were advertised properly on their promotions page.

It’s Absolutely Free No Deposit Required

Playing ‘Free Bingo’ normally means there is no deposit required. Which means you won’t ever have to spend any money. Your cards and chat games will be free, your entertainment and prizes will be handed to you for nothing if you win. The whole experience will be absolutely free!

Freedom Of Speech Is Free

If you are a chatter box and love talking to fellow members, then we think that free bingo sites might just be for you. Even if you’re the quiet type, being able to chat to other members is good. This means you get to know new people, and sometimes even become good friends with them. The chat box is a big part of the process because most members will chat at some point when they’re playing bingo.

Nothing To Lose

We know you won’t win any cash while playing at any free bingo site. But being able to participate in the games, and having the chance to win pretty gifts for free, has to be the best gift in bingo town. After all it will have cost you nothing!

Who Plays The Free Games?

Have you ever wondered which types of people play the games? Well, we can answer your question because we are experts in this field.

The answer to your question is, all types of people, from all walks of life, play bingo. Even famous people play the free games. For some, bingo is a way of life for them, and for others it’s just a pastime. But one thing’s for sure the free games are huge in the UK, and nearly everyone wants to play them.

Who Creates the Games

The variations of the games are created by the software providers, but some bingo brand owners will make their own types of games. The process behind this procedure needs a lot of thought and expertise. We have provided an example below, on how the people behind the creation of the free games create them.

  1. Research – They look at other online bingo sites, and compare their new game to theirs. They must make it different, so a lot of thoughts is put into the process.
  2. The Free Bingo Grid. The person responsible for making the grid will have to decide on the number of rows to create the card. They will also have to decide what the variation card type will be.
  3. The Prize Money. At this stage the amount of free bingo prize money must be decided, and added to the creation of the game.
  4. Testing Time. With all the above steps decided, it’s time to add the details to the system. Then test them, to ensure all is in good working order. The creator of the game will go into the room where the game will play, and check that it is working.

The Experience

So, you see there is a lot of work goes into ensuring that online bingo players have the best ‘Free Bingo’ games possible.

The next time you’re playing this type of game, keep in mind how to stretch your funds, be considerate to other players, and keep in mind our tips above.

The most important fact about playing free bingo is that you have a safe and an amazing gaming experience.