Are bingo daubers poisonous?

I accidentally put dauber ink on my tongue. Are bingo daubers poisonous? Am I going to die?

Answers( 1 )

If only a small amount of ink went on your tongue, you're probably not going to die. Nowadays, bingo daubers are made with non-toxic materials. This means that bingo daubers, in general, are not poisonous. However, it is still best to check the ink packaging or the manufacturer's website just to make sure that your dauber does not contain toxic materials.

Keep in mind that there have been bingo dauber brands which have been recalled during the last decade. Some bingo dauber brands appear to be dodgy products due to the lack of packaging and labelling. In general, you should avoid daubers with no labels. How would you know if a bingo dauber is made with toxic materials without the label?