Are bingo halls profitable?

I'm thinking of putting up a simple and small bingo hall in my town. Are bingo halls profitable?

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To be honest, in the UK, bingo halls have been closing down in the past decade. This is partly due to the smoking ban:

More and more traditional bingo halls are closing down every year as online bingo grows stronger and bigger.

On the other hand, big bingo names re-invent their brand to boost earnings and attract new players to their halls. For instance, Gala Bingo opens new venues with "sofa seats, music, and the ambience of a night club." This image is far from the usual "silent cathedral" traditional bingo halls have been known for.

According to the article above, analysts foresee that players will spend £30 million a year more at bingo halls by 2019. So, to answer your question... Yes, your bingo hall will still profitable as long as you adapt to the modern tech-driven market and keep things exciting in your hall. It goes without saying that you have to invest a lot of money to achieve this. Better invest on online bingo instead!