How bingo cards are numbered?

Does anyone here knows the numbers on a bingo card?

Answers( 1 )

90-ball bingo tickets have a 3x9 grid of numbers. For every line of nine boxes, there are five numbers and four empty spots. The lines are arranged as follows:

1st Column: 1-9

2nd Column: 10-19

3rd Column: 20-29

4th Column: 30-39

5th Column: 40-49

6th Column: 50-59

7th Column: 60-69

8th Column: 70-79

9th Column: 80-90

On the other hand, 75-ball bingo tickets have five number groups with fifteen numbers under each group. They are numbered as follows:

B: 1-15

I: 16-30

N: 31-45

G: 46-60

O: 61-75

It is important to note that the numbering for other bingo types also varies. To learn more about the other variants, read the article below: