How do bingo games work?

Never tried bingo before. How does the game work?

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Bingo is a widely popular pastime due to the fact that the game is simple to play. Here is a page related to your question:

There isn't much skill needed in playing and hosting the game. It only involves randomly picking a number from a pool of 90 (or 75, depending on the bingo variant). There should be a caller who announces the numbers for all the players to see or know. Meanwhile, the players have to purchase cards with random numbers printed on them.

Before, callers used to draw the numbers from a bingo cage. Nowadays, in bingo halls, they use a machine which uses a blower that will shuffle and shoot the ball towards a tube. There are also electronic bingo machines which use microchips designed with a random number generator (RNG). The same complex mathematical system is used online to randomly draw the numbers. If you want to learn more about how bingo machines work, read the answer below:

When the game begins, the numbers are drawn and the caller announces them to the players. The players then mark off or daub the numbers called which are also on their card. When a player meets the winning requirement, they have to shout "house" or "housey." In the US, winning players have to shout "bingo!" 

The rules of the game vary depending on the type of bingo game you are playing. To learn more about the common variants of bingo online, read the article below: