How bingo machines work?

Just curious about how bingo machines work. Appreciate the help!

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Thank you for asking this question! Let us explain to you how bingo machines work in brick-and-mortar halls and casinos as well as online. Basically, bingo machines come in traditional, electronic and digital forms. In the traditional method, there is a transparent container where the balls or chops are held. Once all the balls are inside the container, the air blower starts to shuffle the balls. Then, the container's lifter will be used to project the ball to the ball shooter. The shooter then transports the ball into a tube and then straight into the playfield. The number will then be announced by the caller or it will be displayed on the electronic board for all the players to see.

Electronic bingo machines which can be seen in commercial bingo halls does not use the same mechanism as explained above. Instead of having a ball container, a lifter and air blower, these machines use a random number generator (RNG). Inside the electronic bingo machine, there is a microchip designed with a complex mathematical system that ensures randomness of the numbers drawn.

Online, the same RNG system is used and the only difference is instead of having a microchip, what we now have is a software with a complex algorithm. Now, you might want to ask if it is possible for someone to hack this software. Well, just take a look at the answer below: