How bingo slots work?

Can somebody explain to me how bingo slots work? Never tried it before, but it sounds interesting.

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Bingo slots, as its name suggests, is a hybrid of bingo and slot machines. When you play bingo slots, you will see 25 cards that look similar to bingo cards. Every column will have reel which forms the slot row at the bottom. When you click "Spin" or release the lever, the reels will spin and throw random numbers and symbols. You will then daub or mark the numbers on your card and meet the winning requirements.

Basically, the reels work as the number/symbol pool. The objective of the game is to cover all the numbers or symbols on your card. In some cases, all you have to do is create a certain pattern on your card. The rules vary depending on the bingo variant you're playing. Below is an example of bingo slots: