How does bingo work?

I know what bingo is, but I never really had time to learn how it works. Can anybody give me a brief explanation? Thanks!

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There is only minimal variation between how bingo in brick-and-mortar halls and online halls is played. The basic premise of the game is meeting the requirement to win around. You have to buy bingo tickets with random numbers printed on it and those numbers should match the numbers drawn and called out by the host. There are different types of bingo games and the winning patterns or requirement vary. To learn the rules of common bingo variants, take a look at the article below:

When a player meets the requirement, they win the round. In bingo halls, the winning player must shout "BINGO!" to let everyone know that they have won. Online, a message will pop out of the winning player's screen, letting them know that they've won the round.

Keep in mind that ticket prices vary depending on the bingo variant and level of the game. Games with higher jackpot prizes tend to offer tickets with higher prices. To learn more about playing bingo online, read the article below: