How to play online bingo UK?

Can somebody please teach me how to play online bingo in the UK? Thanks!

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It's easy to play online bingo in the UK. However, the difficult part is choosing the best bingo sites where you can maximise your money. Here are some of the best UK bingo sites you can play at:

Remember to choose a bingo site in the UK that possess the following qualities:

• Solid Security System

• Great Bingo Game Options

• Frequent Bingo Games

• Compatibility with any Mobile Device

• Good Incentives and Bingo Bonuses

• Availability of Side Games to Keep you Entertained

• Awesome UK Bingo Community

Once you've chosen the best bingo site for you, it is now time to play!

Here is an article which you can use as a guide for playing online bingo:

Basically, the first thing you have to do is create an account. You will then be directed to a relevant game 'lobby' where you will find a list of bingo rooms to play in. Click 'Play Now' to start playing.

Keep in mind that there are different ticket values for every room. Some may be free or may cost as little as £1, while others cost £5 or just a few pounds. The best bingo sites have bingo games running every few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you've selected your bingo room, you will see the tickets you can buy for the upcoming game. Note that the bingo rooms have different maximum limits and minimum purchase requirements when it comes to bingo cards.

Once the game begins, you will hear the Bingo Caller announcing the balls as they are drawn. You will also see the numbers on the call board. If you see the same number on your card, mark or 'daub' it. You can also use the auto-daub feature so you can make sure that you won't miss out on a win.

Every game ends when a player completes the winning requirement. This means someone has hit a single line, full house or two lines in a 90-ball bingo game, or a certain pattern shape in 75-ball bingo.

There are also some bingo sites in the UK which let you purchase bingo tickets in advance. You do not even have to be in a bingo room to play and win. Even if you are offline, your tickets will play for you. If an incident happens wherein more than one player claims 'BINGO' on a particular game, the prize will be equally divided amongst the winners.

Now that you know how to play online bingo in the UK, you must learn the common terms or calls used in rooms. To avoid getting confused during the gameplay, it is best that you read the article below: