When was bingo first played in the UK?

I've been wondering when bingo was first played in the UK. Can anyone give me a brief background on this game? Thanks!

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The first recorded instance wherein a game similar to bingo was played in the UK was in 1838. You can learn more about this from the article below:


According to historical records, the very first games of bingo came from Malta where a British Royal Navy base was located. These games which were somehow similar to lotteries as well were used by the British to raise funds for the government. 

Even though the first recorded instance was in 1838, it is possible that bingo may have been played in the UK long before that date. After all, bingo was linked to an old lottery in Italy called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia or the Lo Giuoco del Lotto which can be translated to “The Clearance Lottery of the Lot of Italy”. The game started in 1530 and it quickly spread across Europe, particularly in France and the UK.