Which online bingo pays out the most?

I want to win big! Any idea on which bingo site pays out the most?

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The payout percentage of a bingo site depends on the house edge. Online bingo sites are businesses that need to make a profit and they do this by taking a percentage of the sales. The higher the house edge, the slimmer your chances are of winning a prize. Moreover, the prizes tend to be smaller. At times, the house edge varies, depending on the bingo variant. The goal is to look for a bingo site which has a low-range house edge.

In other cases, the house edge is represented in RTP (return to player) percentages. In this scenario, you have to choose the sites which offer a higher RTP. Ideally, the RTP for bingo should be between 75% to 85%. You can easily find the RTP in the Terms & Conditions section.

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