Bingo Game Types

With online Bingo growing bigger and bigger you may be surprised as to how many different ways you can play the well-loved game. Not only do online bingo sites offer traditional 90-ball bingo but they give you a chance to play many other types of bingo game that can be just as fun.

90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is probably the most well known type of bingo played in the UK. Just like the traditional bingo hall game, the bingo 'bag' has 90 numbers (or balls). Each player has a ticket/card with 3 lines of 5 numbers to mark off. Numbers are randomly drawn and when you get one you mark it off your card – simple. The first player/players to mark off all numbers in 1 line win the 1 line prize, and the same happens with 2 lines, finishing off with the full house, or all numbers crossed off your card. Many online bingo sites include what is known as a Progressive Jackpot with this game. This jackpot grows in line with tickets are purchased and returns to a lower set amount when it is won. The bingo site will have set a number of calls for the full house to be won in and when done the lucky player wins what could total thousands. The number of calls needed varies from site to site and can be as little as perhaps 29 calls up to an easier to win 45 calls. The jackpot size tends to reflect how easy they are to win.

80-Ball Bingo

80-Ball Bingo is very much like arcade bingo, or bingo played on old-fashioned seaside piers. Your ticket has 4 lines of 4 numbers and to win you must mark off 1 line and then a full house from the 80 numbers randomly drawn. There can be variations on this at different sites with some offering wins on horizontal lines only, while others allow vertical or diagonal as well as the full house prize. Also, many have extra jackpots again, to be won when you win 1 line or full house in a certain number of calls.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo or Pattern Bingo is a US style of bingo that was brought over to the UK with the advent of online bingo sites and offer a great many different types of bingo pattern and not the regular 3 lines format. It is great fun to play and simple once you know how. As the name suggests, there are only 75 balls in this game and to win, a player must mark off certain numbers. There are many types of bingo patterns, and these could be letter shaped (for example A), a number shape (perhaps 1) or a shape pattern (these can be anything the site likes – arrow shapes and corners are good examples). The numbers that need to be marked off tend to be shown in a different colour, so it is normally quite easy to see what you need to do to win. Some of these games can be really speedy and be won in as little as 4 calls (corners), and some can take a lot longer (blackout – where you mark off all 25 numbers on the ticket). Some sites have progressive jackpots for their 75-ball games and these vary from pattern to pattern. The number you need to call in will be shown on the site, and sometimes a nice jackpot can grow before these are won. Others may have a set extra jackpot instead for players to win if they bingo in a certain amount of calls. Once again the number of calls will vary, and the site will let you know when playing the game for this one.

50-Ball Bingo

50-Ball Bingo is one of the newer different types of bingo games and is a speedy and fun format, great for those on the go and wanting a quick bingo fix. The ticket for this game is made up of just 6 numbers and the prizes can be for the first person to mark of 3 numbers, 4 numbers, 5 numbers and then all of them. You can win an additional jackpot in this game when you mark off a full house in a certain amount of calls. Some sites offer variations where you have 2 sets of 5 numbers and 1 line wins a prize then both lines (full house) wins another.

40-Ball Bingo

This new style of bingo game, based on a popular slots game, Rainbow Riches, offers not only a personal jackpot criteria but also a community one. The bingo tickets take the form of a 2 clover leafs with 4 numbers of each, To win you need to mark off all 4 numbers on 1 leaf which is the first prize on offer. Then you can win a full house prize for both leaves being marked off. If you purchase ten tickets you win a magic number, and should this magic number come out you get a point which builds towards another prize pot. Once you have built up a certain amount of magic points you can win a share of a bonus pot. It is a nice touch to have the extra prize available as a reward for continued play, which anyone can win. There are bigger jackpot shares available the more you play as well. Take a look at 40 Ball Bingo!

Cinco Bingo

Cinco Bingo is a bingo game based on a pack of regular playing cards. To start the game you get the choice of buying up to five hands of cards, there are five randomly picked playing cards in each hand. The dealer then calls cards from a pack, one by one and you mark off ones that match your hand or hands. To win a prize, you need to be the first to mark off all five of your hands cards. You can choose from 5p, 10p, 20p, and 40p per hand and the jackpots are higher the more the tickets cost. If you are lucky enough mark off one of your hands in the 1st five calls of the game, you can win an extra special jackpot. There are also extra jackpot prizes for players who can mark off their hand in six calls and also seven. The six calls prize is smaller than the five call one and the seven, smaller again, as it becomes slightly easier as more cards are called.

Deal Or No Deal Bingo

This new style game, based on the very popular TV show is a regular 90-ball or 75-ball game with the added extra of 22 Deal or No Deal boxes that show by your card. Not only can a player win the regular bingo prizes and the progressive jackpot, but they can also win an extra cash prize should they get the full house win. 21 boxes are numbered and marked off when that number is called in the game and one is the mystery box. When the full house winner is announced, they will be made an offer by the banker referring to the amounts in the boxes left. There is a bit of fun for all with this as all the players in the game can help them make the decision by voting whether the winner should take the bankers offer or reject it – Deal or No Deal. Once the player decides they either win the amount they chose or whatever is in the mystery box. A very nice extra for the full house winner and good fun for all when you play Deal or No Deal Bingo.

Roll On Bingo

This game is in the standard 90-ball bingo style with 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes along with the fixed number jackpots that many sites offer as an extra. The special element to this game is that it offers a lot more chances to win after the game is played. These can vary from site to site and also per promotion or promotional period. There could be more than one full house winner, or you could have up to 20 chances of winning extra prizes after each game, and these are stated when the game plays.

Pulse Bingo

Instead of a normal static bingo ticket with Pulse Bingo, you have 12 numbers floating around the screen in bubbles. You need to mark off all the bubble numbers to win. The higher your ticket price, which you can choose, the higher your prize. The more players per game, the higher the prize pot as well. As well as the full house prize there is also a special jackpot for calling bingo in a low number of calls. 16 calls wins the top jackpot prize, and decreasing prizes are on offer for wins made within 17, 18 and 19 calls respectively.

Lucky Number Bingo

Lucky Number Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game with a little bit extra thrown in. As well as the normal 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes there are three others up for grabs by all players who join in the game. You get to pick your own three lucky numbers before the game starts and these stay with you whilst you play in that session. The site automatically allocates you three numbers should you choose not to do so. Once the game is in motion the extra pots depend on what number is won on. If one of your lucky numbers is the number called for the 1 line win you get a small prize. Should a second number of yours be the one called for a the 2 line win you instead win a larger prize. This is also the case if your numbers win on then 2nd line and 3rd line or the 1st line and full house. There is a much larger prize on offer for anyone whose lucky numbers match all three winning numbers in the 90-ball game. You can only win one of these prizes but this is a nice way of adding an extra prize to games, and everyone has as much chance of their numbers being the lucky ones, no matter how many tickets they buy.

Roulette Bingo

Roulette Bingo allows you to make a wager and place your 'chips' on certain numbers, you pick 8 out of 36, and these are yours. The roulette wheel spins and whatever pocket the ball lands in is the number called (the zero on the wheel is a losing number). Once you have marked all your game table numbers, you win. These games can also have low number win jackpots as well. Other games will show you a card filled with cartoon patterns. Once you have marked off these pictures on your card, the same as you would on regular bingo you can win the jackpot prize. These versions of bingo make a fun change to the regular style bingo games and keep things exciting for all.

Speed Bingo

Speed Bingo is a fast paced 90-ball bingo game perfect for players who want to enjoy the 90-ball experience but also the thrill of a fast-paced game. Balls are called much faster than the regular 90-ball game, one called every second but jackpots can be just as high, and you get an adrenaline rush to boot. With the regular one line, two line and full house prizes still to play for, this is a great game for players who want some quick-fire fun and, if they are lucky, a speedy return.

SNAP! Bingo

This style of bingo game is based on playing cards where there are a few ways of winning. Firstly when your cards are dealt if you hold a certain type of poker hand, you can win an instant prize, for example, 2 of a kind, and this prize will be a multiple of the ticket price. After that the 'dealer' will turn over cards, and each time you mark one off it will be marked snap. A full hand marked off wins a prize and like Cinco Bingo you can win big jackpots from marking off your cards in 5, 6 and 7 calls. In a way, online Snap Bingo can be considered as a hybrid bingo game.

There are so many different types of online bingo games these days for players to choose from. Whether you like the more traditional style games, or you prefer the funky and new there is definitely something out there for you to enjoy.