40-Ball Bingo

Since the competition in the online bingo industry has become stiff, we've seen a lot of bingo software companies developing more and more interesting games. Traditionally, bingo sites served up standard 90-ball bingo and 75-ball, but more recently we’ve seen a raft of new bingo variants and twists on the traditional game!

As well as mixing up the ball pool and the number grids, some sites have gone one further adding different aspects to the game with bonus rounds and themes. One such game is the new 40-ball variant sweeping the net, better known as Rainbow Riches Bingo.

40 Ball Bingo Sites

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Gala Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10. Play with £40
Paddy Power Bingo Logo First Deposit £5 gets £20

Play 40-Ball Bingo Online

Rainbow Riches is part of a new era of bingo play that we are seeing on many online and mobile bingo sites. While bingo is great fun, we love slots and interactive games too, and these special themed bingo games allow us to combine the fun element of bingo with the graphic-rich element of games.

If you’re a stickler for the standard variants, then this might not appeal so much to you. It really is all singing, all dancing, flashy lights bingo play. However, if you love to play games on your mobile device, and you love the flashing lights and fun and bonuses that slots offer, then Rainbow Riches Bingo is likely to have huge appeal for you!

All the fun of the bingo game, combined with all the fun of interactive online games, what more could you want? Rainbow Riches 40-ball bingo really does have something for everyone and reflects perfectly how the age-old bingo game is growing and updating.

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What is 40-Ball Bingo?

No doubt you’ll be wondering just what is 40-ball bingo? This brand new variant only hit our screens in March 2015 and is available at all sites using the Virtue Fusion software. This game plays with 40 standard balls, plus 2 Rainbow Riches Clovers, taken from the popular slot game of the same name.

Virtue Fusion really has pushed the boat out with themed bingo games and this Rainbow Riches bingo game is just one of many themed variants available at sites using the software. Needless to say, there are a number of new Virtue Fusion bingo sites which feature this variant. This is far from your standard bingo game and if it’s your first experience at themed bingo games then it’s likely to be a treat for the senses with fantastic graphics, features and bonuses.

As the game varies greatly from the standard variants, you might want to check how to play 40-ball bingo before you start. Here are some details about the game and a helping hand with the rules.

The 40-Ball Bingo Card

If you find yourself playing the Rainbow Riches version of this game on the best bingo sites, then you’ll see that the whole layout, bingo tickets and gameplay move away from the standard variants. This is like bubble gum for the eyes and every feature has its own twist.

The 40-ball bingo ticket in the Rainbow Riches game follows the theme of the game and appears as two four-leaved clovers. That will leave you 8 ‘squares’ to cover. Enter the room and first, buy your tickets and then wait for the game to begin.

Pretty soon the caller will start calling random numbers from the 1 to 40 ball pool, and as the numbers on your tickets or clovers are called, the leaf will change from green to gold to show the number is marked.

In addition to the standard game and prizes, Rainbow Riches Bingo offers bonuses and extra features to the game too, so familiarising yourself with all aspects is important.

Types of Games

Though there is just one type of game in the Rainbow Riches 40-ball bingo game, there are two types of jackpots to play for, the Rainbow Road Jackpot and the Wishing Well Jackpot.

The Rainbow Road Jackpot is a progressive community jackpot and is triggered when the Leprechaun lands on or passes the jackpot on the rainbow. At the 10th step the Bronze Pot is triggered, the 25th triggers the Silver Pot and step 50 triggers the Gold Pot. If this jackpot is won, 50% is shared between the community and 50% rolls over to the next pot.

The Wishing Well Jackpot is a personal jackpot and will require you to choose a lucky number. When your number is called you receive a gold coin, fill your pot with 40 coins, and you’ll receive a £5 bonus! So aside from all the bingo deposit bonuses you can enjoy, you can also take advantage of the in-game bonuses on most 40-ball bingo variants.

How to Play 40-Ball Bingo

Enter the Rainbow Riches Bingo room on your mobile device or from your laptop or PC and get ready for the game by purchasing your tickets. When you buy your tickets you will be required to choose a Lucky Number, this number could win you a £5 bonus on the Wishing Well so choose wisely! Now just wait for the game to begin.

Pretty soon the caller will start to select numbers from 1 to 40, and hopefully, these random selections will match the numbers on your clover shaped tickets. You have eight numbers to cover in all, and as the numbers on your clovers are matched they will turn from green to gold. 

How to Win 40-Ball Bingo

To win the game of Rainbow Riches, you’ll need to mark off the numbers on either one or both clovers, depending on which type of game you are playing. If you are the first to do this, you win the cash prize. It would also help if you are familiar with popular online bingo lingo so you won't miss any numbers called. Alternatively, you can always choose the auto-daub option to let the computer mark the numbers for you.

At the same time, watch the rainbow and your lucky number! Each step along the rainbow takes you one step closer to the Rainbow Riches Community Jackpot, and each time your lucky number is called you will be one coin closer to a £5 bonus.

As a themed game there are several aspects of the game, but once you have a handle on them all it’s pretty easy to play! The great thing is the extra bonuses along the way and these ensure you can grab some cash bumps, even if you aren’t so lucky in the actual games.