Playing Scratch Cards Online in the UK

Playing Scratch Cards Online in the UK

- October 25, 2016

There’s just something fun and exciting about playing scratch cards. Take a moment to just imagine what you can win playing scratch cards – instant cash prizes, casino bonuses and other freebies! You’d get so hyped while scratching off the coating and anticipating the prizes that you can win!

Playing Scratch Cards in the UK

If you live in the UK and you wish to play scratch cards, you are in luck because there are a lot to choose from! The biggest lotto scratch cards you can play is the ones offered by the UK National Lottery. A state-franchised national lottery that’s operated by Camelot Group, the National Lottery hosts a number of scratch card games. Some offer instant prizes while others can be entered in a draw. The great thing about this is that every week, you can win up to a million pounds!

Aside from the National Lottery scratch cards, the other leading choices for playing scratch cards in the UK include Thunderball, Lotto Hotpicks and EuroMillions. There are a number of instant win games you can choose from for the price of only £1 per ticket. You will be delighted to know that you can easily find National Lottery scratch cards from several retailers across the UK. Each ticket’s price ranges from £1 to £5. If you’re lucky enough to win a prize worth between £1 to £75, you can instantly claim your prize from any of the retailers partnering with the National Lottery. If you won bigger prizes, you can contact National Lottery for your prize. It is important to note that prizes should be claimed within 180 days after the game has ended.

Playing Online Scratch Cards in the UK

Some years ago, the only way to play scratch cards is by going out and heading to the nearest retailer selling the tickets. However, thanks to the rise of the Internet, you can now play scratch cards right at the comfort of your home.

People have become more interested in playing online scratch cards as more and more casinos introduce different types of scratch card games. Some even offer huge jackpot prizes that can reach millions! The common instant prizes you will encounter when you visit online casinos and play scratch cards range from £10,000 to £30,000. Try out the scratch card games on Jackpotjoy and see if Lady Luck is on your side!

Why Play Online Scratch Cards in the UK

This form of entertainment is relatively new in the world of online casino gaming. However, it can be considered as one of the fastest growing sources of fun in the UK. There are a lot of reasons why anyone should try playing scratch cards online. First of all, online scratch cards are generally easy to play. You do not need skills just to win big cash prizes. If you are an avid casino player, you would also enjoy playing scratch cards because some of the prizes include online casino bonuses.

Moreover, unlike traditional scratch cards, games you can find online feature attractive animations that are often inspired by famous TV shows and even movies. Your gaming experience will become more exciting and enjoyable with the accompanying music and sound effects. You also do not need to find a coin to scratch the coating off – just let the mouse do the scratching for you!

Software Suppliers Creating Online Scratch Card Games

When choosing a scratch card game to play, it is important to consider the software provider. As an online casino player, you should know that your gaming experience will always be affected by the online scratch card’s software. The leading software providers in the UK scratch card sector are Microgaming and Playtech. When it comes to choices, Microgaming is the leading choice as the brand offers a wide variety of lottery scratch cards online. Playtech also kept up with the trend by introducing hybrid games like Beetle Bingo and Blackjack Scratch Card.

The great thing about online scratch cards is that the software companies have the freedom to be creative in developing the design and features of the game. Hence, you can expect a unique and more thrilling gaming experience when you turn to online scratch cards.

New to online scratch cards? Then read our article that will teach you how to play scratch cards online. Start scratching your way to riches now!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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