The iOS and Mobile Casinos

The iOS and Mobile Casinos

- February 19, 2016

Technology has made progress in leaps and bounds in the past few years. The advancements in mobile technology have placed information in the palms of our hands. Applications now give us easy access to everything we may need on a day-to-day basis. Information and convenience aren’t the only benefits mobile technologies have contributed to our lives.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed a common factor with some of the best online casino operators out there. In addition to playing games on their websites, you now have the option to download casino apps for smartphones and tablets. Gaming software providers have developed mobile apps compatible with popular devices, including Apple. Hello to all iPhone and iPad users out there!

The iOS and Mobile Gaming

As one of the most successful mobile device retailers worldwide, Apple has developed its own operating system, the iOS, to put itself ahead of competitors. What makes the iOS ideal for mobile games is that it has a multi-touch interface, allowing direct manipulation. Updates are also available on a regular basis so any bugs you may experience can be addressed as soon as the next update is rolled out.

To meet the growing demands for mobile apps, Apple introduced the App Store in 2008. With over 1.4 million applications to choose from, it should be no surprise for online casino players to find a great number of mobile casino apps to choose from.

Restrictions on Mobile Gambling

Though there are plenty of casino games available in the App Store, iOS users still have a few things to consider before proceeding with downloads. For one thing, not all countries allow gamers to play for real money on their mobile devices.

Countries such as the US, Turkey, and China prohibit betting with real money on the web. This restriction also applies to mobile apps, and the App Store complies with the ban. The guideline page states that apps offering real-money games of skill or probability, including lotto, sports betting, and poker, require a license and permission to operate in the country where the games are downloaded.

Due to these conditions, some casino operators have begun providing mobile apps on their own websites that are compatible with popular operating systems. Instead of going to the App Store, players can download the apps straight from their favorite online casino website.

If your country of origin has a more liberal stand on online casino gaming, then congratulations! You’re free to download your favorite games from the App Store.

Online Casinos VS Mobile Apps

There’s really not much of a difference whether you play via an online casino’s page or on your mobile device. Both are functional and engaging, allowing for players to enjoy their favourite games either way.

The biggest difference is the ability to play for real money. Depending on your country of origin, legislation may limit your options when it comes to mobile games. Some casino operators do provide access to mobile versions of their games through your browser so you don’t have to download the apps. Mind you, you do need to register for an account so you can play for money. Of course, if your country has more liberal legislation, you can easily download the app.

While the features and functionalities are similar, online casinos often have better graphics over their mobile counterparts. Another difference that players need to note is that more game choices are available online. However, you’d still be able to find some of the most popular casino games in the App Store.

Mobile Casino Apps and Their Advantages

The biggest advantage that mobile apps have over their online counterparts is the ability to play your favourite games anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to wait to get home to play. Whether you’re on a lunch break or waiting for the bus to arrive, you simply have to take out your iPhone or iPad and enjoy.

Most iOS-compatible apps also offer progressive jackpots to players, as well as some particularly attractive casino promotions and bonuses. You can even enjoy special loyalty bonuses if you visit and play on a regular basis.

Our Pick for Best Mobile Casino on iOS

32Red is among one of the best online casino operators around. And they’ve met the demands for mobile gaming by developing an iOS-compatible app for casino enthusiasts. They’re actually one of the first casinos to offer apps for mobile devices.

Players just have to visit the 32Red casino website through their mobile device’s browser, select the type of device, pick a country of origin, type in a phone number, and choose a game. The game then gets sent to the user. There are currently 10 games available for download, including Jack or Better, Blackjack, Mega Moolah, Bingo Bonanza, Roulette, Tomb Raider slots, and Royal Derby. As a note, Android-compatible games have a list of 18 apps available.

It may be a smaller number compared to what’s available online, but there are several benefits to playing via mobile apps. Not only do players receive 24-hour customer support, there are also special promotions offers just by accessing the site through their phones or tablets. One example is a casino deposit bonus of £32 for the first £10 loaded into their accounts.

And since we’re on the topic of money, 32Red accepts a number of different currencies. Withdrawing winnings is also rather quick. As for casino payment methods, 32Red accepts payments via Neteller, Entropay, Ukash, Visa, and Mastercard among other options. Talk about convenience! All these benefits make you want to sign up with 32Red, doesn’t it?

There are also several other online casinos that offer interesting signup bonuses. Visit our HitYah website for some of the best online casino operators around. We’re sure you’ll find something that will meet all your playing needs.

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