Casino Games

Millions of people across the globe enjoy playing for real money or for free on online casinos. Through the years, online casino gaming’s popularity seems to continually increase. If you have not tried playing real money casino games online, the idea can be quite overwhelming. First of all, you have to choose among thousands of gaming sites, and that process can be challenging. Take a look at some of the things you can expect when you decide to play casino games for fun online.

Common Online Casino Games

When you visit the best online casino sites, you will find that there are plenty of games to choose from. There are sites that are solely dedicated to table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, among many others. On the other hand, there are also online gaming sites which are dedicated to bingo or slots. Most of the time, side games are available which allows the players to experience almost all the games in the online casino spectrum. The following is a list of casino games you will commonly find online.

  • Baccarat and blackjack – card games where specific numbers are significant and wagers are placed whenever a single hand is dealt.
  • Craps – a game of chance that involves dice. Players bet on the outcome of the roll, a pair of dice or a series of rolls.
  • Roulette – a game of pure chance and luck where players place bets on the numbers or colours of a spinning wheel.
  • Slots – players get to bet on paylines. When the reels spin and create a symbol combination on an active line, the player receives a payout depending on the pre-determined symbol value.
  • Video poker – the player’s objective to put together the strongest poker hand possible.
  • Bingo – played using a card with numbers and a marker. A caller draws randomly numbered balls from a pool of 90 or 75, depending on the game format. The player who matches a line or a pattern wins.
  • Keno – a lot similar to bingo and lotto, but the player has to predict the numbers that will be called out.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Casino Games

Some say that nothing can compare to the experience inside brick and mortar casinos. Others say that the convenience of playing online casino games is the best. In some ways, one is better and at the same time, worse than the other. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing casino games online as compared to brick and mortar casino gaming.

Advantages of Online Casino Games

  • Competition is stiff among online casino operators so they tend to offer a lot of promotions just to attract new players and keep the loyal ones. Casino welcome bonuses are common in online casinos so you can expect to get an additional 10 to 50% of your first deposit to your bankroll.
  • Rules are usually better than in brick and mortar casinos
  • You don’t have to drive or travel. You can play from the comfort of your own home.
  • You do not have to deal with annoying players.
  • No need to tip anyone.
  • You can avoid expensive beverages and food.

Disadvantages of Online Casino Games

  • You need more patience when withdrawing your money. Aside from the online casino’s waiting period, you can also experience delays from the end of your payment processor. At an average, players have to wait for two to four weeks between the time of withdrawal and the time the amount reflects on your bank account. Debit cards tend to process faster as they only take about three to five business days.
  • Some online casino sites provide poor customer service, depending on your location. Some offer excellent service via a toll-free number or e-mail. Others would reply to an e-mail several days later, and they do not even have a known number.
  • In the event of a dispute, the online casino operator has the final say on whether to approve your request or not.

Choosing a Good Site to Play Online Casino Games at

Before you can even play online casino games, the task you have to accomplish is choosing the casino site to play at. With all the online casino sites available, this process can be quite difficult to undertake. When you are just new to the world of online casino gaming, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. You have to remember that while playing casino games online can is safe, a lot of rogue casinos are still out there to steal your money. These are the sites that you have to avoid at all costs. There are also a number of factors that separated the excellent casino operators from the ones that are not worth your time. So how do you distinguish a good casino site from the bad ones?

There are many ways to find a safe, entertaining and reliable casino site. Some people discover UK online casinos through advertisements on the television or magazines. Others get recommendations from their friends. With the number of online casinos in the market, finding the ideal one for you is like searching for a treasure in the middle of a thick jungle.

Here at HitYah, we make the process easier by choosing the best casino sites online. Our team of expert casino analysts review the established and new online casino sites and grade them based on a number of qualities. Take a look at some of the qualities that make a good casino site.

Wide Range of Casino Games Available

You are creating an account with a casino site for the primary reason of playing games. So, it is obvious that the most important aspect of the online casino is the roster of games that it offers. It goes without saying that in order for you to have a high-quality gaming experience, choose a site that provides a wide array of online casino games.

You will find that most casino sites feature similarly basic games. This means that classic casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Craps are the common games you will find. Some sites even feature different variations of these games. However, what sets a casino site apart from the others is the availability of video slots. Online slots have become one of the most popular games in the online casino industry. There are hundreds of online slot machine types along with a huge number of software companies. This means that there are more slots out there in the market today. Some of the biggest casino software developers include Playtech, Net Entertainment and Microgaming. These brands have been known to produce games with impeccable quality, both in terms of performance and graphics.

Secure Online Casino Sites

Since you are going to deposit cash to your online casino account, you want to make sure that your money is secure and that you are using it on a site that offers fair play. Needless to say, it is highly recommended that the online casino site you choose is licensed and regulated by the governing body of the territory which the casino operator is registered. Always search for the license number on the site. Reliable casinos always have this number featured somewhere on their site. If you are having a difficult time locating it, simply call the customer support number and ask for the details.

To ensure that all your transactions are secure and that your personal details are safe, you have to choose an online casino site that incorporates a solid SSL encryption technology. With the data encrypted, you can rest assured that no third party will be able to intercept your transactions.

Online Casinos with Wide Payment Options

To gain an overall excellent experience on an online casino, you should have the ability to fund your account easily. A wide selection of casino deposit methods is one of the most important aspects of a site. This is true because if you can’t deposit, you won’t be able to play for real money in the first place. As a player, you should also know all the options available for you so you can have primary and secondary deposit methods available at any time. Here are the most popular online casino payment methods…

  • Credit cards or debit cards – the most common and easiest way to fund your online casino account. It only takes a matter of seconds for the money to be transferred from your card to your casino account.
  • Web-based payment processors – adds another layer of security to your transactions. PayPal is the most popular brand in this area, but there are also other options like Neteller or Skrill.
  • eCheques -- works like a regular cheque, but you don’t actually write it out. The money comes directly from your bank account and you enter the bank sort code and the bank account number when making a deposit.
  • Vouchers – perfect for players who do not have a credit card or a bank account. Funded vouchers like Paysafecard can be purchased from local retailers.

Availability of Mobile Casino Gameplay

In an effort to reach a wider audience, a lot of operators have come up with new mobile casinos. Since the trend is shifting towards mobile gaming, software suppliers are developing new ways to bring the casino gaming experience closer to mobile users. Once you start playing online casino games, you would want to bring the experience anywhere you go and you can only do that through mobile casino sites. Needless to say, it is important to find a casino operator that offers a mobile counterpart.

Flash and HTML5 have both been significant parts of the market. Most casino software are designed with these so players can directly play the games using their mobile device’s web browser. On the other hand, there are companies which develop casinos that are based on native applications. A casino native app can be downloaded from the app store, depending on the operating system of a mobile device. The main difference between the two is the fact that companies have more control over native apps, while web-based casinos allow for a wider range of devices. This is also the reason why web-based casinos are a better option for most players in the market. Here at Hityah, you can find a list of casino sites that are mobile-friendly, allowing you to have a cross-device gaming experience.

Tips to Follow Before Playing Casino Games Online

You may be thrilled to start having fun by playing online casino games. You have made an excellent decision. Aside from the entertainment you get from playing, you also have the potential to win real cash! Take a look at some of the tips we prepared that will allow you to maximise your casino gaming experience online.

Remember to download and install the online casino software

While a lot of no download casinos are available, some online casino operators, especially the ones that feature big games, will require you to download their software. Before you begin playing, make sure to download and install the casino site’s software. You will not have a hard time doing so because every site offers step-by-step instructions.

Play online casino games for free or for real money

After you have downloaded and installed the casino software, start running the program. You will then be given the option to play online casino games for free or for real money. Playing free online casino games is also referred to as the Practice Mode. This will allow you to check out the free casino games without risking losing your cash. Once you’ve got the hang of the gameplay and you feel you are ready, you may begin playing with real cash by choosing the Play for Real Mode. It goes without saying that it is best to choose an online casino site that offers both the Practice Mode and Play for Real Mode.

Deposit Funds to your account

If you’ve decided to play casino games for real money, you have to deposit funds to your online casino account. You will be delighted to discover that almost all operators offer casino deposit bonuses. So, make sure you choose the one which offers the ideal welcome bonus. However, you have to be aware of the wagering requirements. Some sites may offer attracting bonuses, but they will require you to wager a ridiculous amount. Go for ones with low wagering requirements.

Start playing online casino games

Now that you have downloaded and installed the online casino software and you have deposited funds to your casino account, you are now ready to play. You will discover that most sites offer a wide variety of games, including live casino dealer games, slots and table games, among others. Try your luck on the progressive jackpot games. Who knows… you may hit the prize worth millions of pounds!

Monitor your transactions

Always keep an eye on your deposits and winnings by checking your “Game and Financial History.” This will help you manage your bankroll efficiently.

Have fun

This is one of the most important tips you can follow when playing online casino games. If you are not enjoying a game, it is best to find another one that will suit your preference. After all, you have so many to choose from!

Online Casino Games History

The origin of online casino sites stemmed from three different events. The first one is from the origin of gaming software. During the mid-70s, gaming software penetrated brick and mortar casinos. Electromechanical slot machines were replaced by slot equipment that is powered by computer software. These machines showcased the power of computer graphics and computer processing. During the same period, the professional card counters developed the blackjack strategy software. Software for brick and mortar casino games was the first milestone for online casino games.

Rise of the Internet

When the Internet became widely accessible in the 90s, it was initially utilised for communication. Individuals would connect to the Internet using their computers and transmit messages to other people who are also connected. Since the Internet provided a mechanism wherein various computers can connect to a nodal server, it posed as a great venue for proliferating casino games.

Online Casino Regulatory System

The third big milestone for online casino gaming is the establishment of a regulatory mechanism in 1994. This was the year when Antigua and Barbuda passed The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act which allowed it to release gambling licenses. That was when the first online gambling jurisdiction began. After the Act was passed, the Directorate of Offshore Gaming was established. This is the organisation that accepts applications from operators, reviews them and issues licenses if they qualify. Up to this day, Antigua and Barbuda still remains as one of the most respected and popular jurisdictions.

The First Online Casino

After these three milestones, gaming software company Microgaming launched the industry by developing the first online gaming software. Online casino games can be played through the software. However, it lacked one of the most important components of an actual online casino – the security technology necessary to process Internet financial transactions in a safe manner. Founded in Ireland in 1995, Cryptologic was the company to provide the security software needed in online casinos. The company was notable for being the first to create eCash applications, bringing the whole package together at the first online casino – InterCasino – in 1996. Since then, the online casino gaming continued to grow and it is quite common to see Microgaming casinos online. Moreover, sites featuring online casino games like poker, roulette, slots and bingo, among others, continue to generate billions and billions of revenue every year.