UK Live Casino Guide - Reviews and Ratings 2023

Playing live dealer games is the latest way to enjoy the very best casino action online. It’s a slick combination of everything you love about the casino floor without even needing to leave the comfort of your armchair.

Today, we’re going to cover all the info you need to know about this awesome addition to the world of online casinos. You’ll be an expert on the subject in no time at all.

List of the best live casinos in the UK

Finding the best live casino UK can be a difficult task unless you know what you are looking for.  There are so many elements that come together to make a fantastic live site. And if you haven’t spent a good amount of time researching each of the brands on the market today, it's understandable that you may miss a few of the fundamentals.

Our team has years of experience in picking apart everything that makes up a great casino site. They know exactly what to look for. And they also know to look out for any red flags that might alert them to any problems. Our researchers have spent days sifting through all casinos that offer live games in the UK as well as other jurisdictions.

By conducting such a methodical review they are able to compile a list of the very best the internet has to offer. And that list is right here for you on this page. We've made it so simple for casino fans to find what they’re looking for without all of the complications that go hand-in-hand with trying to go it alone.

You can rest assured that any casinos that we represent on our site are all completely legal. Moreover, they’re trustworthy and provide some of the very best online gambling entertainment that the industry has to offer. If they weren’t fantastic, then they wouldn't be on the list!

Brand Details & Bonus Data
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Fruity King Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Slots Million Logo Welcome Bonus 100 free spins + more spins every month
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Live casinos - what are they?

Very simply put, they provide you with all the very best classic casino action but without the need for any computer-generated audiovisuals. You get to play with a professional dealer with real cards and a proper table. Everything is as it would be in an actual casino. The only main difference is that you don't have to be there. The power of technology has made it possible for players to enjoy the thrill and excitement from the comfort of their own homes.

The great thing about this method of playing casino games is that you can do it whenever you like. Day or night, the live dealers will always be there waiting for you. They are friendly, courteous and well-trained. And they know exactly how to provide the very best entertainment for you.

It works in exactly the same way as it would in a real casino. Except you don't need to physically move your chips over to the dealer. Instead, you make your betting selection on your screen and the money changes hands digitally.

How to pick the right live casinos

When reviewing the best casino sites UK, there are many things our team looks out for. And we’ll share a few of those with you today. It's no big secret that reviewing all of these sites is very time-consuming. This is why review sites like ours provide an invaluable service for gambling enthusiasts.

Below, we will take you through some of the main areas that we look out for when assessing any existing and new sites that come onto the scene. It's quite an in-depth process, but in the end, it's definitely worth going the extra mile. We want to find out all there is to know about the casino and what it has to offer.

Welcome bonus and other offers

One of the big things that we look out for when reviewing new live casinos, or indeed any other   casino sites for that matter, is the welcome offers that they have available. The deals can mean incredible incentives for new players and existing players alike. It's always worth taking your time to see what deals are going around at any given time. You may want to try out a new site and collect some freebies in the process.

Our experts are continuously on the lookout for these deals. It means that they can try out not just a new brand but also potentially play new games for free. And have a chance of winning some cash. And who doesn't love playing games for free and winning cash, right?

Some of these deals will require a player to make a deposit first. These are incredibly popular as it means that you can realise some of the biggest deals available in the industry. When you are prepared to put in a little of your own money you can be rewarded very nicely.

Other deals will simply hand out some free spins or bonus cash just for signing up for a new account. These deals are understandably very sought-after but don't present huge sums of money as the deposit deals can.

Fair bonus terms and wagering requirements

As you have seen, top casino sites offer all kinds of welcome deals to attract new customers. But not all of them are as good as each other. It's one thing to hand out a load of free cash to entice a new player. But it's another thing altogether to allow them the freedom to use that bonus as they wish.

If a company puts too many stipulations and rules on their bonus deals, then it makes it very difficult for a player to enjoy the perks of the promo. Some caveats such as wagering requirements or max payouts are pretty standard. And we understand that these will be attached to the majority of deals. 

However, if the small print makes it far too difficult to enjoy the deal by making wagering requirements completely unreasonable or with a tiny max payout, then the alarm bells start to ring. And in this instance, the site won't make it onto our coveted list if we feel that they are being unreasonable.

After all, we have the players' best interests at heart because they are our readers. So we will always deliver the very best and most honest information to point you in the right direction.

Good variety of live dealer casino games

One of the most important things to keep an eye on when looking for a new site is the type of games on offer. Plenty of live games are what we’re looking for, so any potential new brand will naturally have to offer a great selection of these.

There are many different casino games now available in a live format. In just a moment we’ll cover some of the most popular games that you can expect to find at any of these casinos.

Any good site will have contracts with some of the very best live casino providers in the industry.  If the offering is very small, then it makes us wonder why the live producers aren’t prepared to work with a particular brand.

English speaking live dealers

When playing an online live casino UK there is a very good chance that the live production of that game will take place in another country. Many of the top live producers take advantage of cheaper opportunities in countries where they can film casino games and livestream them to their audience.

Many businesses use this tactic to keep costs a little lower and it makes sense. What we want to know is that regardless of where the dealer is, that they are able to speak your language and provide you with the very best entertainment. And also be able to answer any questions that you have.

It's extremely important for a player to feel comfortable when they are playing at a live site. And one of the contributing factors is being able to simply communicate with those around them. We don't think that this is too much to ask.

UKGC licensed

From a safety aspect, one of the things that we always look out for, perhaps even before we look at games and other things that a site has to offer, is the licensing situation. Any sites offering games to the UK public must have a full UKGC licence. And it's not easy to get one of these so they have to jump through hoops in order to achieve this status.

By being able to produce a licence number and show that they have all the necessary paperwork, the casino is able to demonstrate that they take your money and data extremely seriously. Playing offshore sites with no licences can be extremely dangerous so we always advise that UK players stick to those sites that are regulated within the UK jurisdiction.

UK casinos have to give so many assurances to the regulatory body and pay credibly high fees for the privilege of providing these games. So you know that when you are playing at a sight that holds one of these top licences that they are in it for the long haul and not going to be disappearing with anyone's cash overnight.

Live games or classic table games?

A live casino online vs video classics can be a tough decision to make. On one hand, video games are extremely convenient and take a matter of seconds to load up. There is no one there to interact with so if you are not in the mood to talk and you simply want to crack on and play your game, then you can do so from the comfort of your sofa without any involvement from any third party.

And then there’s the question of game availability. Video card games, for example, have a massive selection. This is owing to the fact that producers have been creating these games for many years. And some games that work on video do not work in a live setting. So if you are looking for speed, convenience, without needing to talk to anyone and the chance to play loads of different kinds of games then video casino titles could be better for you.

However, some people like the more personal touch and interacting with other players as well as the dealer is part of what makes the whole experience. And you simply cannot find this in a video poker game, for example.

The amazing thing is that it's so lifelike and feels like you are actually there with them. This is the main reason why people love this form of gambling entertainment.

Advantages of live casinos

The best live online casinos have a lot to offer. In fact, there are probably many aspects that you have never even considered. It's an entirely different type of entertainment and if you've never played it before then you are missing out on a real treat.

Below, we will take a look at some of the main advantages of playing live games. It's completely up to you whether you choose live or video format. But in our opinion, you simply cannot beat the thrill and excitement of live production.

It's as close as you can get to real casino gaming

This may seem like we are stating the obvious but we really do need to reiterate this point. If you are someone that loves going to a brick-and-mortar casino and enjoying the buzz and feel of everything going on around you, then you simply cannot beat a live game setting.

Short of putting on a smart jacket and shining your shoes, it really does feel like you have the dealer and the other players around you. But nobody can see you on their screen so you don't have to worry about sitting there in your casual gear. You still get to feel like you are there with them and everything is high class and professional. But the reality is that you're at home wearing whatever you like and feeling extremely comfortable.

It's more social than classic online casino games

Live dealer casinos truly are a top experience that you cannot find with a video game online.  Part of this is being able to chat with other players. The settings allow for chat between not just you and the dealer but also between you and all the players. And the great thing is that if you do not feel like participating in any group chat, you can simply turn this off whenever you like.

But for many players, this is one of the most important parts of the whole experience. Communicating with your fellow players can be extremely fun. You can share any info about the game as well as get to know some of them a little better. You may find yourself playing at the same table with the same players on several occasions. So you never know where a new friendship might begin.

The games last a bit longer

Video casino games do have a tendency to be over in a flash. Due to the mechanics behind the scenes, everything is extremely efficient and doesn't take long to conclude a single game. This may be an important factor for you. But some of us like to take our time and enjoy watching the cards being shuffled and coming out of the machine etc. It’s more of a ceremony and that’s fun sometimes.

This may also help you feel that you are getting your money's worth. Simply because you are getting to spend longer in the company of the dealer and other players during the game. Again it's personal preference, but for many people who like the live setting, this is one of the things that means a great deal.

The technology is constantly improving

When this idea first took hold a few years ago, technology was trying its hardest to provide what was needed. And things were a little patchy, to begin with. The whole experience felt a little amateur. Nonetheless, as technology improved, any problems were soon ironed out. It's now very difficult to tell the difference between a live game setting and what you may experience in a real casino. Naturally, you are watching the game unfold on a computer screen. But everything is so slick and there are also lots of different camera angles to show you what is happening. As a result, It really does immerse you in the entire situation.

Disadvantages of live games

We've been singing the praises of live games for some time now. So it's probably only fair that we take a look at the flip side of the coin. Nothing is perfect and there have to be some downsides.

But we are pleased to announce that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of this type of casino experience. Let's take a look now at a few of the negatives that you may wish to consider when deciding if you would like to play a live or video-style game.

You might have to wait for a free seat

New live casino action is incredibly popular and sometimes it can be difficult to get yourself a place at the table. This isn't to say that you will never find anywhere to play though. Most casinos have hundreds of different tables. But the one you wish to play at, possibly because of the wager amounts, for example, can sometimes be a little crowded.

When this happens, you have to either select a different title or wait for your place to open up. It doesn't usually take long as many players jump in and out of different games quite frequently. So if you have a little patience and have a particular table in mind, then you generally won’t have any problem.

You need a good internet connection

Now, this goes without saying but it’s also true of video casino games as well. If you are going to play at any online casino, then you will need a decent internet connection. Many of these games are available to play on your mobile phone so this could entice you to play while on the move.  But do be careful if you decide to access a casino while out and about. Using your mobile data to connect to the internet can sometimes leave you in a dead spot. If this happens you may potentially lose where you were in the game.

There are safety measures in place to recover lost games due to connectivity issues. But it's always best to not put yourself in that situation. So we would always recommend using a strong Wi-Fi signal if you are going to be playing any games. After all, there is money involved so why take the risk?

Not as many bonuses

You might think that a casino welcome bonus is available to play on any of the games on that site. However, this is not always the case. Many of the welcome deals are available to use while playing video games and slot machines. But a lot of them won't include live games. So it is always worth bearing this in mind before selecting any casino promo. You can always find this information by taking a look at the terms and conditions. These are displayed next to the bonus offer at any casino.

We’re continuously searching for promos that include live production games as we know that this is very important to many of our readers.

Live dealer casino game types

There are a ton of games that you can play at any live dealer online casino. Some sites offer a lot more than others but the majority of brands that we list right here on this page will have a solid selection available.

Some of the live games are old classics. They've been around for a long time on the casino floor as well as in the video version. And now they have made their way to the live dealer setting for very good reason -  they are popular and have stood the test of time.

Live Blackjack games

One of these favourites is of course live dealer blackjack. It is perhaps the best-known casino game of all and people all over the world know how to play it. It's an incredibly simple concept and just as intriguing at the same time. It involves some decision-making on the players part as well as a good amount of luck thrown in too.

Many people have strategies for this game and like to stick to their method. But it's up to you if you decide to enlist the help of one of these. Some of them are perhaps more sound than others. But one of the things we recommend that every player does is to consider their bankroll and stick to their limits.

Live Roulette games

A close second in terms of popularity is live dealer roulette. This game presents so many different ways to make a bet that it appeals to all kinds of players with a variety of budgets. This fantastic casino game has been around for over 200 years. And it promises to remain one of the most sought after casino games around. The classic wheel and suspense that builds as the ball flies around the outer edge reminds everyone of why they enjoy going to casinos. And having this action right there live on your computer screen truly is an amazing treat.

You can bet on single numbers which present fantastic odds and big payouts or you can play safe by opting for a range of numbers that will pay you back a little less. Games that offer a lower risk to your balance are often extremely popular as they appeal to a wider variety of players.

Live Hi-Lo games

Hi-Lo is definitely one of the most simple games to get your head around. The concept has been used on many game shows over the years. And anyone who has grown up watching these will know the simplicity and excitement that it has to offer.

It all begins with one card and you simply need to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the first. It's an extremely elementary concept and this is possibly why it is so popular. It involves no skill on the players part and you just simply need to place a bet and make a prediction. What could be simpler?

Live Sic-Bo games

A fairly recent addition to the live game selection is that of Sic-Bo. This game is extremely popular in Asia and made its way over to America and Europe during the eighties. Since it arrived it has garnered a huge following. This has led to the game being included in pretty much every casino site inventory online.

This is another game that appeals to a variety of players as there are many different bet types available. And this is great for those who like to mix things up a little. Betting on the exact outcomes of rolling dice was one of the very first types of gambling games ever invented. And different ways to play will naturally evolve over time. This game looks set to achieve casino classic status and will be known by all players one day.

Live Baccarat games

Another top live game that can be found in pretty much every casino these days is Baccarat. Part of the reason why this game is so well-loved is thanks to famous characters such as James Bond. 

It has an almost celebrity status and many players love to get involved simply for the feeling of doing something quite exclusive. The truth is that this game is extremely simple. And there is very little involved other than placing bets on your hand or the dealer’s getting closest to the total of 9. Don't let this simplicity take anything away from the game though. It's extremely good fun. And in some ways, it’s similar to blackjack but without being able to select more cards.

Other live games

And it's not just the old classics that you can play at the top live sites. There are also some more modern takes on other titles such as TV game shows and board games, for example. These present a whole new way of enjoying the interesting competition. Plus with the added bonus of wagering some money on the side.

Monopoly, Deal or No Deal and Dreamcatcher are just a few of those amazing games that you can access right now.

RTP for live casino games

The RTP has become an extremely popular statistic over the years. Although some people may well place too much stock in this number. Some players believe that it shows how much they will potentially win on any given game. However, that is not entirely realistic so let's take a look at what it really means.

What is RTP?

The return to player for online casino live games can be a very useful figure, but not necessarily for you. It shows how much money can be expected to pay out from a game compared to the amount of money that goes in. The difference is called the house edge. You won’t play games with a 50/50 chance of winning as the casino could never guarantee a profit in the long run. Each table game has rules where you need to take another card when you hit a certain total, for example. Or the ‘0’ that appears on the roulette wheel. These are in place to protect the house and the RTP will tell them how viable a game is for them. As a player, you will win some games and lose some too. It’s as simple as that.

Blackjack RTP comes in around 99.3% and is the highest of all the table games.

  • Roulette RTP for the European version is 97.3%.
  • Baccarat RTP is 98.95%.

There are some incredibly talented casino software companies out there producing the games that we all know and love. Many of them now make live games in addition to those classic video games that they have been producing over the years.

Evolution Gaming

This company has only been in existence for around 15 years. This is nowhere near as long as some of the other big players. But in that short space of time, they have managed to forge quite a reputation.

They are now the preferred live production company for many of the UK Casino sites. And they also have a fantastic live version of the craps game which wasn’t often available before they came along.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt is one of the biggest casino game providers in the world. They produce thousands of slots and classic table titles as well as live productions. They have won many awards for their contributions to the casino world and continue to break the mould with every new game.


Playtech emerged as a front-runner in the live game sector thanks to its firm understanding of how the mobile platform works and how this can be integrated into the new way of playing casino games. They are industry leaders in all aspects of online gambling and now supply games in a live format to many casino brands throughout the world.

Other Providers

There are many other great live producers apart from the ones we have mentioned above. You may well have heard of some of the following:

  • Medialive
  • Microgaming
  • Ezugi
  • Extreme

Live dealers - Providing an authentic experience

If you are looking for the very best authentic experience, then look no further. You can't beat the atmosphere that this game choice provides. You'll soon be swept away and wondering why you haven't been playing this way for years!

Choose a live dealer that you like

It takes time to learn what you like and don't like about any live provider. The only way you can really tell is to try out some of their games. When you have a better idea of their format and how everything functions you will be able to decide which company you like the best. It's always important to play somewhere where you feel happy and comfortable.

Live mobile casino games

Playing on your mobile is a fantastic way to enjoy all the live-action. You do need to consider the data costs if you are on an expensive internet tariff. But if you have a Wi-Fi connection, then this shouldn't be an issue. The games aren’t generally data-hungry and use up little more than a normal video streaming service.

Android or iPhone?

It doesn't matter which kind of operating system your phone has as the vast majority of the casinos will optimise their sites for use on both types. There is no difference in the production value between playing on either of these mobile phone platforms.

Playing live casino games directly in browser

One of the ways that you can enjoy the live action on your mobile phone is playing right there directly on your browser. By this, we mean typing in the casino web address into your browser search bar and accessing their site directly. The benefit of doing this is that you do not need to download anything to your phone. The mobile website will work perfectly on any device.

Using a mobile casino app

If you prefer to have an icon right there waiting for you on your mobile phone screen, then many brands have an app available too. You can simply click and access all the casino games directly from the application rather than loading up a browser. Everything responds as you have it all stored on your device and don't have to wait around for your data to load.

Bonuses for live casinos

A casino welcome bonus is generally better for those playing regular casino games. If your intention is to play slots or video card games, for example, then you can expect to have a huge choice when picking up a casino bonus.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a big range of sites that offer free cash or other types of bonuses for the live production side of the business. This is a shame but it does seem to be changing slowly over time.

New player bonuses

There are a few casino brands that are happy to allow their welcome bonus to be used across regular games and live ones as well. In fact, some of the casinos that are embracing the live version of games are happy to offer specific bonuses that can only be used with live games. It's sometimes possible to land up to £100 or maybe more. This will usually require you to make a deposit first and then the casino will match that deposit.

Reload bonuses

Signup offers are there to welcome new customers on board and they can be extremely attractive. The downside to this is that once you are a regular customer at that site you no longer qualify for the bonus. However, all is not lost. There is another bonus available for existing customers and this is known as a reload bonus.

How it works is very simple. At a specific point during the month, the casino will tell you that any deposit you make on that day will be matched or partially matched by the casino. This could lead to a large boost to your bonus balance.

Bonus terms and wagering requirement

It is understandable that the casino needs to have certain rules in place when handing out free bonus cash or spins. And this is no different when presenting a promo for live games as well.  The main requirement when picking up bonus cash is that you must wager that money a certain amount of times. This figure will vary depending on the site and means that you have to risk the cash up until a certain value by continuously betting with it. You won't be able to cash out any winnings until that point.

Game weighting for live casino games

One side effect that has resulted from the wagering requirements mentioned above is that certain games need to be given more importance than others while spending the bonus cash.  This is because the casino needs a chance to recoup its losses. They will not want you spending all your money on close bets, like red/black in roulette, for example, as they have the best possible chance of a positive outcome. They want you to risk the cash in a fair way and that will often require you to play games with far lower RTP or more risky bet choices.

Payment methods for Live casinos

There are many different ways that you can pay for your live gaming action. Over the years, various different methods have come onto the market and some of them are simply ingenious.  They allow you to move your money around at the click of a button and usually have very low fees.

Internet wallets

One of the biggest players in the payment processing business is e-wallets. These handy internet wallets allow you to store your cash in a digital format and transfer it anywhere in the world where you would like it to be. This can include casino games and other purchases made online. You can top up your wallet with funds transferred to you by yourself or other people. It's the perfect way to keep your data private and safe when making purchases online.

Credit/Debit cards

Debit and credit cards have always been one of the most convenient ways to pay. And this is no different when playing live games on the internet. It's extremely fast and the risk to your data is extremely low thanks to the processing companies such as MasterCard and Visa who control these payments.

If you are playing in the UK, then you will need to remember that credit card payments are no longer allowed. You'll have to use funds that come directly from your bank.

Pay by phone

If you would like to pay using your mobile phone credit, then this is also possible. If you use pay as you go funds to make telephone calls, then this money can be used to top up your casino balance as well. There are a couple of big companies that provide gateway solutions. These are Boku and Payforit.

Safety at Live Casinos

Your safety is our number one priority and we make sure that any site that we represent here on this page has undergone the strictest safety tests. Here are a few of the things that we look out for when deciding if a live brand is worthy of your attention.

Make sure the casino is licensed by the UKGC

The very first thing you need to do is always make sure that a new casino site displays its UKGC number. You cannot get a licence in the UK without undergoing an extremely stringent registration process first. Licensing is taken very seriously in the UK and you should never play at the site without one.


Another great way to protect your data is to only use sites that securely encrypt everything that you input on their web pages. You can tell if a site has adequate protection by looking for the little padlock icon to the left of the web address. You can find out more about how it works here

Are live casinos ever rigged?

If you stick to our advice and only play at UK sites that have the required licences, then you will find that your money and data is never at risk. And on top of that, the outcome of the games is guaranteed to always be random.


If you are still unsure about anything related to this topic, then you may find the answer to your questions below in our FAQ section.

Where are live casinos hosted?

We don't want to spoil the glamour and appeal of the live setup but many of the games are produced in various studios throughout the world. Your dealer will not be coming to you live from a Monte Carlo casino, unfortunately.

How much data do live casinos use up?

That all depends on what game you are playing and how long you are playing for. The vast majority of games use a similar amount of data to watching a video on YouTube, for example. HD images will naturally use more bandwidth.

Can I use my casino bonus in a live casino?

A welcome bonus will only be available on live games if it has been specifically designated for this purpose by the casino. Many casino bonuses exclude live setup and this is a shame. But this does seem to be changing slowly.

How do I know that live casinos are fair?

If you are playing at any of the casinos listed here on this page, then you know that they hold current licences and undergo rigorous checks by the regulatory body. The outcome of any game is completely random and this is guaranteed.

Can you play live casinos in demo mode?

The majority of games will indeed come with a demo. They are a full-scale mock-up of everything you can expect to enjoy when playing the real game. Although you need to remember that there is no cash up for grabs.

Do I need fast broadband for live casinos?

It is not essential as mobile data will work just as good as broadband. On the other hand, the safety of playing on a fixed connection like this will stop you from worrying about any connection problems during a game.

What's the best live casino games by RTP?

If you are looking for the game with the very best return to player percentage, then you need to check out blackjack. This casino classic is very popular among casino fans and has an incredible RTP of over 99%.

Are live casinos hosted in the UK?

You will find many live sites in the UK but the production studios will generally be based in another country. Some of these smaller European countries are often favourites with live providers for cost reasons usually.