RGT Warns Against Using Social Media to Overly Promote Casino Gaming

RGT Warns Against Using Social Media to Overly Promote Casino Gaming

- October 25, 2016

People are always on their phones and laptops, and these days, the best way to stay connected is through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are even apps on Facebook which allow users to play casino games like progressive betting on blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. That is why casino gaming operators have taken the opportunity to use these social media platforms. These businesses know that if they want players to turn to online blackjack with real money, they’d have to reach the market first.

If you play poker or blackjack online for fun and you check your Twitter or Facebook accounts several times a day, you will be aware of operators that heavily advertise their products. At times, you might even be annoyed to receive messages from strangers. You would think that they’re just ordinary Facebook or Twitter users who’d like to add you to their friend list or who’d like to follow your tweets. But if you check what they have to say, you're then bombarded with promotional messages related to specific casino gaming operators.

Watching a 30-second ad on TV is enough to have you salivating on a burger and fries, but it can get irritating when you see it every 15 minutes. Now, imagine how outrageous it would be if you received a promotional message on casino gaming every four minutes at an average. While it is good to receive a blackjack no deposit bonus from time to time, it can still get annoying when you frequently receive promotional messages from strangers.

At HitYah, we choose to feature highly ethical casino sites which are known to respect other people’s privacy. This includes 32 Red, Red Bet, Ladbrokes and BGO, among many others. However, when you go to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are still irresponsible casino gaming operators that will bombard you with promotional messages.

That is why it is good to know that the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) and research specialist Demos have imposed warnings over operators who irresponsibly send promotional messages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now you can have the freedom to play a blackjack online game for money at a time of your own choosing.

In their research, they have discovered that there are at least 877 accounts on Twitter that abusively send these promotional messages. It is also surprising to know that more than 900,000 British Twitter users are following at least one of these promotional accounts.

According to RGT chief executive Marc Etches, their organisation is dedicated to minimising the harm that certain casino gaming operators bring on social media users. Moreover, they aim to maintain a steady balance between the freedom to promote playing casino online and the need to protect the vulnerable casino gamers.

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Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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