Penny-Up Casino

Penny-Up is an online slot machine designed by the PAF company, a casino and gaming company from the Aland Islands in Finland. The company has an interesting set-up, which we’ll cover later. But first we'll learn Penny-Up.

Penny-Up is a five-reel, three-row machine with 20 win lines and a progressive jackpot.

The game is themed around childhood memories. The Penny-Up game – a childhood game also called pitching pennies – is represented in the bonus game.

The reel symbols are a somewhat mismatched set of vaguely youth-orientated things like sunglasses, soda cans, spray paint and ghetto blasters, with a nostalgic 1980s street, feel to them.

You can play Penny-Up Online at the PAF Casino site.

How to Play Penny-Up

Penny-Up is a fairly simple machine by modern standards. You certainly shouldn’t find any problems with learning to play Penny-Up, or with finding your way around the screen.

Looking at the screen

There will be a large central window containing the five reels and showing a grid of 15 symbols. This is where your wagers are won or lost.

To the right is the pay table, (example below) showing how much you’ll win for matching sets of symbols. An arrow at the bottom left of the pay table collapses it into a single column.

At the top of the pay table is the progressive jackpot total. A progressive jackpot is one that grows as players play the game, adding a proportion of funds wagered on the game to the total and resetting when it is won. These can reach very large totals. The Penny-Up machine we played had a progressive total of €43,269.74. The progressive jackpot resets to €2,000.

Above the central game screen is the bet-per-line amount (€0.20), and the details of the Penny-Up bonus game, which is triggered by two penny symbols on a line.
Between that and the reels are the details of your account. This shows your balance on the left, the bet amount you’ll make if you press play, and the amount won on the last spin.

Below the central game window are the game controls

You can select how many of the 20 pay lines you wager your €0.20 on with a line of buttons: 1 line, 5 lines, 10 lines, 15 lines, and 20 lines.
Beneath this row of bet buttons are the 'play' button and the 'max bet' button. The 'play' button spins the reels and makes your selected bet on the outcome. The 'max bet' button does the same and automatically makes your wager on all 20 pay lines.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a thin strip with a '?' that opens a screen with the game rules; an 'options' button allows you to toggle animations and sound and switch to a full-screen version of the game, click on 'exit' to quit the game.

To play, simply select the number of lines you wish to play. When you open a game screen, this should be defaulted to one line, meaning a stake of 0.20 coins. A green light in the corner of each of the bet selection buttons shows if that option has been selected. Once a number of pay lines have been selected, it stays in use until another is clicked.

The 'max bet' button spins the reels, betting on all 20 pay lines and switches the selection to 20 lines in subsequent games until another number of lines is chosen.

Click the play button to make your wager and spin the reels

The reels will spin, and any matches across the pay lines selected will be highlighted when they come to a rest and winning bet amounts added to your account.


The bet is 0.20 coins (€ in the version at PAF Casino). When you select more lines, your stake is multiplied by the number of pay lines you are wagering on – you are making up to 20 separate bets.

Here are the bet amounts:

Number of pay lines
Total stake
0.2 X 5 = 1
10 0.2 X 10 = 2
0.2 X 15 = 3
0.2 X 20 = 4

Penny-Up Pay Table

Here are the amounts you can win for matching symbols, left to right, across each pay line.

Symbol 5 X
4 X
2 X
Yellow car
Progressive Jackpot2000
Ghetto blaster
Skate board
200 50
Baseball cap
Soda can
Spray paint
Empty barrel 20

The Bonus Game

The bonus game in Penny-Up is triggered when two or more penny symbols appear on a line on which the player has wagered.

And that pretty much covers the Penny-Up rules.

Penny-Up Small Print

PAF Casino operates the following policies in the event of a game malfunction or lost connection:

If the game is interrupted by a lost connection or closing of the browser window while the player was playing for real money, the game will start again at the point where it stopped if the player restarts playing the game within 30 days of the break.

If the player does not restart the game within 30 days of a lost connection or closed browser window, then the game will play, and any winnings will be added to the player’s account.

If the game is stopped by a malfunction, then the bet in play at the time is returned to the player.

Penny-Up Strategy

Online slots are based on very complicated mathematics. There is no way of calculating the odds of a particular combination of symbols coming up and PAF Casino do not publish a theoretical return to player figure for this machine on their site.

However, you can still maximise your enjoyment and possible returns from the machine. But when it comes to how to win Penny-Up you are at the mercy of random strings of numbers.

Because it is a progressive jackpot slot, the chances of getting a really big win will depend on when you play it. Use an online jackpot monitoring site or head to PAF Casino to check the top prize amount regularly to time your play.

The biggest win on Penny-Up’s progressive jackpot has been €55,160, and the lowest progressive payout has been €6,120. The average win is €17,387 and the average time between wins has been 22 weeks and three days.

Playing multiple pay line slots is also a balancing act. Betting on multiple pay lines increases your chances of winning, but will run through your playing money more quickly.

One good way to waste money on slots is by buying into or believing in systems in an operation that is beyond such things. Gamble safely, using only money you can afford to lose and enjoying the game. Stop if you stop enjoying the game.

PAF Casino

Penny-Up is available exclusively at PAF Casino.

PAF is an unusual company in the gaming sector, and you may wish to support it for a number of reasons beyond its excellent games and its reputation for fair play and good customer service.

PAF was founded on Åland, an island between Finland and Sweden in the Baltic Sea. The company is publicly owned and was started in 1966 to raise money for local charities. The PAF Casino is still publicly owned.

The profits of PAF are still given to good causes. Many of these are local – including a cultural association, local lifeboats, and organisations for the disabled and young people on Åland – but they also give money to local branches of international organisations, the Red Cross and Save the Children.

PAF is licensed by the local government in Åland and also, for UK players, by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you have any problems with PAF games or questions, you can contact them on, [email protected]. By telephone, you can call PAF free from the UK between 8 am and 9 pm on 0800 023 2291.