Countries where online casino is legal?

Just curious to know... What are the countries where online casino is legal?

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This is an article you might find helpful:

This blog post has a detailed diagram of the countries and the legal status of online casino gaming. The diagrams are divided per continent. Europe and North America are mostly populated, but the diagram for Asia, Central America and other regions are mostly empty.

The diagram also separates online gaming into six categories: online casino games, online bingo, online poker, online sports betting, online lottery and bitcoin gaming. You will see whether these categories are legal or illegal; require a licence or not or regulated or not regulated. There are countries where online casinos are illegal but not prosecuted. It is best to avoid online casinos from these countries because without prosecution, there is no regulation and dodgy operators are free to scam people. It is always best to choose online casinos from countries where online casino gaming is legal and regulated.