What are online casino games?

My friend's been bugging me to play online casino games. What exactly are those?

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If you've tried playing games in a brick-and-mortar casino before, then you will have an idea of what online casino games are because they are pretty much the same. There are different kinds of games in online casinos which you can play for real money or for free. Here is an article which describes the most common online casino games you will encounter:


Common Online Casino Games

There are plenty of games you can find online and online casinos are dedicated to table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, among many others. Below is a list of the common casino games you will find online:

Baccarat and blackjack - These are card games where certain numbers are important and bets are placed whenever a single hand is dealt.

Roulette - This game involves a spinning wheel with numbers and colours. Players place their bets on the numbers and/or colours.

Craps - This is a game of chance which involves dice. Players wager on the possible result of a roll, a pair of dice or a series of rolls.

Slots - These are games where players wager on paylines. There are reels that spin with symbols on them. Once the reels stop spinning, they may or may not create a symbol combination on the active lines. The player gets to receive the payout for the specific symbol combination.

Video poker - In this game, it is the objective of the player to come up with the strongest poker hand possible.

Bingo - Just like the typical bingo games you play in halls, this one involves a card with numbers. Numbers are randomly drawn from a pool of 90 or 75, depending on the game format. The player who meets the winning requirements gets to take home the prize.

Keno - This game is quite similar to lotto and bingo and the player has to predict the numbers that will come out.

Pros of Playing Online Casino Games

• There are a lot of online casino bonuses you will encounter and you can use them to win real money.

• The rules are typically much loose and better than in brick and mortar casinos.

• No travelling needed. You can play at your home or anywhere you go using a mobile device.

• No need to sit beside other annoying players.

• Lower expenses as you do not have to pay for hotel accommodation and for tips.

• Expensive beverages and food can be avoided.

Cons of Playing Online Casino Games

• At times, withdrawals can take two to four weeks before they reach your account.

• Depending on your location and timezone, you may experience poor customer service.

• Online casinos still have the final say when it comes to disputes.