What online casino has the best odds?

Want to make the most out of my money. Any suggestions on online casinos with the best odds? Thanks!

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When you want to discover which casinos have the best odds, you should get an idea of what house edge and return to player (RTP) percentage are. Essentially, when an online casino has a favourable RTP, the odds of winning are also better. 

Online casinos are businesses that need to make money. They earn their income by taking a percentage of the sales or bets. This is called the "house edge." When an online casino's house edge is big, it means that only a small percentage of the collective bets are returned to the players. Consequently, the prizes become smaller and limited. Since the prizes are few, the chances of winning are also slimmer. So, remember to choose an online casino with a lower house edge. Also remember that the house edge sometimes varies from game to game. Sometimes, you will see that the house edge is the same across the site.

Usually, you will see the house edge in the form of an RTP percentage. This percentage represents your probability of winning. It goes without saying that you have to select an online casino which offers a high RTP percentage. If you want great odds of winning, the RTP should play around 96-99%. Make sure you read the Terms & Condition section to know the RTP of an online casino. 

Jackpot City is an ideal example of an online casino which offers good odds of winning. With a 97.61% RTP, you can expect to win when playing on its site.


Another online casino you should try is Mr. Green. It has a 98% RTP and it regularly features bonuses and promotions.