Fantasy Sports Bonus

Many people hear the term 'fantasy sports bonus' and immediately wonder what that means? It is when a website offers you extra cash to deposit money at their fantasy sports website.

Let’s look at a quick example that might help. Take FanDuel for example. They offer a 100% deposit bonus for new users. If you were to sign up and deposit $100 at FanDuel, you would get a fantasy sports bonus of $100.

This sounds great, right? Let’s now take a closer look at what types of fantasy bonus offers might be out there.

Types of Fantasy Sports Bonuses

There are three main types of fantasy sports bonuses that sites may offer. You need to check the fantasy site you are playing at to see which of these are included. Not all sites offer the same types.

Fantasy Sports Deposit Bonus (first-time deposit)

Sometimes referred to as the 'Welcome Bonus'. All this means is a site will give you a certain percentage of bonus on your first deposit. This can range from 50–100% depending on the site. This is the best and most common type of fantasy sports bonus.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is sometimes offered to a user when they are looking to 'reload' or credit their account with more money. This type of fantasy sports bonus isn’t quite as popular as the first-time deposit bonus. But some sites do offer this. Often a reload bonus will be offered at special times of the year or around the start of a new season.

Referral Promotion Bonus

Some sites offer a bonus to players if they refer someone else to use their fantasy sports website. This bonus can be a flat amount or a percentage of the player value they refer. Again, not all fantasy sports website offer this type of bonus but a select few do.

Now that you understand what bonuses are available, and what the best bonus types are, let’s dig into how these bonuses actually work.

How do Bonuses Work?

Fantasy sports bonuses are very common in the world of daily fantasy sports. Nearly every site offers some bonus incentive to encourage their users to deposit money. But how does this really work?

First, you have to sign up to the website. Sometimes you have to use a certain promotional code (more on that later) but sometimes you don’t. After you have signed up, you now need to deposit money into your account. Once you have done that, the site will credit your account with some 'bonus money'.

Why are these Bonuses so Important to Players?

Getting the best fantasy sports bonus possible helps players build their bankroll. Any extra money can help as you try to grind your way to profitability at a daily fantasy sports site.

One thing to keep in mind is that this bonus money isn’t always available right away. Continue reading and we’ll explain the differences in how you claim your fantasy sports bonus depending on what the terms of the site are.

How to Claim Your Bonus?

Just because a site gave you a deposit bonus doesn’t mean you can withdraw it right away. The terms of a bonus will vary from site to site. Here are three standard terms you will find around fantasy sports bonuses.

Incremental as You Play

What this means is that the bonus money you earned gets stored in a separate 'bonus money' account. That money is released to your actual cash account as you play in contests at that site. For example, if you get a $100 bonus placed in your 'bonus account' and you play in a $100 game the next day. A very small portion of that $100 bonus (maybe few bucks) will get released into your actual account. As you continue playing, you will eventually release that entire bonus. This is pretty standard at most daily fantasy sites these days.

Instant (but can’t withdraw it until it’s been played through)

An instant bonus would mean that money is automatically credited to your cash account. If you get a $100 bonus, that $100 bonus is in your account. The only terms around that bonus now are that you must play it through a certain amount of times. Sometimes this is 1x or even 5x the amount. Meaning, you need to play $100 worth of contests to be able to withdraw that $100 (based on a 1x rollover term).

Instant (no strings attached)

The best and least common term for bonus offers would be instant with no strings attached. This means if you receive a $100 bonus it is yours. You can turn around and cash that out right away. Sites seldom offer this type of bonus since the goal for them is for you to actually play on their fantasy sports site. But if you see this type of bonus offer, take advantage of it.

Be sure to check the fantasy sports websites Terms and Conditions surrounding the bonus offers they give you. It makes a difference! Let’s change directions a bit and talk about promo codes and how they are useful.

What are Fantasy Sports Promo Codes?

Many times a site will offer a fantasy sports promotion that will be tied to a certain 'bonus code'. These can also be referred to as 'promo codes' or 'promotion codes'. Fantasy sports promotion codes are simply a string of letters or numbers. The website can read these codes and a certain bonus amount attached to that code.

For example, a site might ask you to use promo code 'WIN' to get a 100% bonus up to $200 on your first deposit. If you made your first deposit and did not enter this promo code, you wouldn’t receive this bonus. But if you entered the promotional code 'WIN' at the time of your deposit, the site would recognize this and reward you with the appropriate bonus.

Like we said, sometimes a bonus offer can be had without using fantasy sports bonus codes. But if there is a box for a fantasy sports promotion code you may want to search and find one.

A big part of picking a fantasy site to play on is their bonus offer. Find the site that offers the best deposit bonus and take advantage of that site today.