SportsHub Technologies Acquire Fantasy Sports Pioneer

SportsHub Technologies Acquire Fantasy Sports Pioneer

- June 29, 2016

SportsHub Technologies, a Minneapolis-based fantasy sports and eSports startup company, announced that it has acquired all the assets of RG Ventures LLC, which includes the CDM Sports suite of fantasy challenge and Draft and Play games. CDM Sports is one of the companies that helped to pioneer fantasy sports in the United States.

SportsHub said that it will operate the best of fantasy sports games under the trade name ‘CDM Sports’. This acquisition signals a major move of SportsHub into the season-long fantasy sports business.

CDM Sports was founded in 1991. It made its name in the world of fantasy sports following a legal victory in 2006 against Major League Baseball, which sought to prevent it from using players’ names and statistics. The trial court judge ruled that players do not have the right of publicity in their names and statistics. Even if they did, the use of their names and records in fantasy games did not violate the players’ rights in any way. The court also pointed out that CDM Sports did not use players’ images, only their names and the already public playing statistics.

After the victory over Major League Baseball, the owners of CDM Sports sold the company to Fun Technologies, which in turn sold it to RG Ventures LLC. Now, the CDM Sports domain shall become part of SportsHub Technologies’ network of season-long sports fantasy contests.

“For more than two decades, CDM Sports has established a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the season-long pay-to-play fantasy sports industry,” said SportsHub Technologies CEO Rob Phythian. “The users that play CDM games love to compete for cash prizes and socialize with other users they have known for years. We value these loyal customers and understand the opportunities to grow a business built around season-long games.”

DFS players can get their fantasy sports deposit ready, because aside from the traditional season-long fantasy games, CDM’s popular Diamond challenge will go live sometime this month. Charlie Wiegert – one of the original founders of CDM Fantasy Sports in the 1990s – will be part of the new team that will operate DFS contests for SportsHub Technologies.

Phythian also said: “We look forward to welcoming back the thousands of loyal players who have been waiting patiently to get their 2016 leagues started. Long-time players can be assured that we will keep gameplay consistent and continue to provide a suite of games where all players have a chance to win.”

SportsHub Technologies is one of the newest daily fantasy sports operators. It was founded last year by a team of veteran fantasy sports industry insiders. Rob Phythian was one of these founders. He is now a member of the FSTA Board of Directors, as well as a member of the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame.

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