Winning Big by Betting on Jackpotjoy's Blotto Lotto

Winning Big by Betting on Jackpotjoy's Blotto Lotto

- October 10, 2016

Probably most of us have dreamed of winning big in a lotto contest. On the other hand, some of us enjoy placing bets more. If you are the type who finds fun in doing both, well Jackpotjoy’s Blotto Lotto is perfect for you! The game allows you to bet on the outcome of the site’s built-in lottery, and it gives jackpot prizes that can go as high as £50,000 on a single bet! The great thing about this game is you can bet as little as 10p to as big as £1,000!

How to Play Blotto Lotto

If you know how to bet on lotto online, then playing Blotto Lotto online will be easy for you. The basic premise of the game is that in order for you to win, you have to accurately predict the outcome of the built-in lottery. Every couple of minutes, Blotto Lotto generates random numbers that will form the winning picks. All you have to do is bet on the colours, outcome and other events that go on during the game. Here are the Jackpotjoy Blotto Lotto wagers you can place:

  • Bet on Numbers – Select one, two, three or four balls that you think will be drawn
  • Bet on Colours – Select whether a particular coloured ball will be drawn and how often so. You can place wagers on whether a yellow, red or blue coloured ball will be drawn. Accurately predict if it will not come up or if it will between one and six times.
  • Bet on the Total – Select the range of the sum of all the numbers of the balls. Choose among the following brackets: 50 or below; 51 to 100; 101 to 140; 141 to 160; 161 to 200; 201 to 250 and 251 or above.

Fun Bets on Blotto Lotto

You already have a general idea of what types of bets you can place on Blotto Lotto. But to add more fun to the game, let’s take a closer look at the wagers so you can start to play and perhaps win Blotto Lotto online.

1) Special Bets

  • Smarties – At least one ball from each colour will come up – one yellow, one red and one blue.
  • Even Stevens – Every ball that will come up will be an even number.
  • Odd Ones – Every ball that will be drawn will be an odd number.
  • Noah’s Ark – Two numbered balls for every colour will be drawn.
  • Going Up! – Every ball that will come up will be progressively higher than the previous one.
  • Going Down! – Every ball that will be drawn will be lower than the previous one.
  • Last but not Least – Select the ball that you think will be the last one to be drawn.

2) No Shows

  • Choose between one to twelve numbers that you think will not be drawn.

3) Quick Bets

  • Odd Total – The sum of all the numbers of the balls will be an odd number.
  • Even Total – The sum of all the numbers of the balls will be an even number.
  • High End – The final ball to be drawn will have a value that’s higher than the first one.
  • Low End – The final ball to be drawn will have a value that’s lower than the first one.
  • Feeling Blue – At least one ball among the winning picks will be coloured blue.
  • Total High – The sum of all the numbers will be 149 or higher.
  • Total Mid – The sum of all the numbers will be between 146 to 148.
  • Total Low – The sum of all the numbers will be 145 or lower.

What You Can Win from Blotto Lotto

There are various prizes you can win when you are betting on lotto results online. The first one is through the Jackpot Bet. You only have to pay £1 to buy a ticket with five numbers. Playing it is a lot similar to playing a regular lottery. Just pick five numbers and if all of those numbers come up, you will win the progressive jackpot. There are also minor prizes if you match one to four numbers!

Blotto Lotto Jackpot Bet Prizes

1 Number£0.50
2 Numbers£2
3 Numbers£10
4 Numbers£200
5 NumbersJACKPOT

You can also opt to select five to twelve numbers. When you pick more than five numbers, you are essentially buying all combinations of five-number tickets using those numbers. Take a look at the cost and the payout of each bet depending on the amount of numbers you select.

Blotto Lotto Bigger Jackpots

Number ChosenStakeMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6
6£6£2.50£9£36£440£1000 + JACKPOTJACKPOT (6 entries)
7£21£7.50£25£85.50£732£2100 + JACKPOT£3000 + JACKPOT (6 entries)
8£56£17.50£55£167.50£1090£3320 + JACKPOT£6200 + JACKPOT (6 entries)
9£126£35£105£292.50£1530£4682.50 + JACKPOT£9630 + JACKPOT (6 entries)
10£252£63£182£472.50£2070£6212.50 + JACKPOT£13323 + JACKPOT (6 entries)
11£462£105£294£721£2730£7937.50 + JACKPOT£17315 + JACKPOT (6 entries)
12£792£165£450£1053£3532£9887.50 + JACKPOT£21645 + JACKPOT (6 entries)

Blotto Lotto Gold Run Bet

Another jackpot that you can bet on when playing Blotto Lotto by Jackpotjoy is the Gold Run Community Progressive Jackpot. There are games with seven rounds and six positions to bet on. To pass every round, your team’s position should be equal or higher than the threshold amount for the given round. In order to win a prize, your team should be able to pass four rounds. If you pass all seven rounds, you and your teammates will win the Gold Run Community Progressive Jackpot. The minimum jackpot prize for Gold Bet is 100x the bet.

Blotto Lotto Gold Run Bet Prizes

Round One8-
Round Two15-
Round Three25-
Round Four303x Bet
Round Five3510x Bet
Round Six4020x Bet
Round Seven46Gold Run Jackpot

So, are you ready to try your luck and play Blotto Lotto? Why not read HitYah’s online lotto strategies first so you can tip the odds a bit in your favour?

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