Jackpot Lottery Ahoy! US Powerball Hits $348 Million! 4 May 2016

Jackpot Lottery Ahoy! US Powerball Hits $348 Million! 4 May 2016

- May 19, 2016

You still got enough time to enter the US Powerball lotto draw! Climb aboard the ship of the lottery contest that rewarded the biggest ever lotto jackpot in the US! Who knows… you may be lucky enough to lay anchor on the winning numbers!

When the jackpot was not hit last 30 April 2016, the jackpot rolled over and amounted to a whopping $348 million! Buy your tickets before the draw that will be held on Wednesday 4 May 2016 at 10:59 US Eastern Standard Time. This may be your chance to turn your life around and become one of the biggest lottery winners!

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Choose Your US Powerball Numbers

Playing the US Powerball is easy – just select five numbers from 1 to 69. Thinking of a method in choosing lottery numbers? Why don’t you take a look at Powerball’s most overdue numbers to help you decide which numbers to submit? You can also select the Quick Pick option to let the computer generate random numbers for you. Alternatively, you can use HitYah’s Powerball Number Generator to get your random numbers. Pick one of these methods now and enter the draw before time runs out!

Buy tickets now

You do not have to be physically located in the US to join the Powerball draw. You can visit The Lotter and purchase tickets for the draw no matter where you are in the world! Hurry and buy your tickets before the draw closes!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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