Are lottery numbers really random?

Never won a prize! Are lottery numbers really random or are they fixed?

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If you play government-run lotteries, you should know that these games follow certain standards for fairness. Every lotto draw is overseen by an adjudicator who reviews every ball drawn. The lottery machine is also verified prior to the draw to check if there are issues or whether it has been compromised. Let's take a look at the UK 49s draw as an example:

Before and after every draw, the independent adjudicator weighs each ball. They make sure that every ball weighs within 0.5 grammes of the manufacturer weight. If even one of the balls fails to meet this standard, a whole new set will be tested and used. When the balls are not used for the draws, they are typically kept in a safe. Moreover, these balls are only handled using white cotton gloves. The independent adjudicator is also responsible for confirming every ball drawn.