Are lottery tickets gambling?

Is buying lottery tickets considered as gambling?

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To determine whether playing lotto is gambling, let us take a look at how defines the term:

According to the site, gambling is "the activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes." 

Lotto, according to is considered as "a game of chance." 

When you join lottery contests, you buy tickets. In a way, the money you use for entering the draws can be considered as your wager. Lotto is absolutely a game of chance and it requires no skills to play. It only takes luck to win a prize. 

Most lotteries are organised by government agencies as a way of gathering funds for their projects. There are even lotteries run by charities as a means of raising money for their causes. In a way, when you join lotteries, you are also contributing to the society or helping others in need. While playing the lottery is considered gambling, in particular cases, it can also be considered as a charity act.