Are lottery tickets worth it?

I've been playing for years and have never won the jackpot. Are lottery tickets really worth it?

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It depends on how you play them. You have to remember that lotto is a random game of chance. You are not guaranteed no matter how many times you play and how many tickets you buy. You are only given "chances" and not "guarantees". Of course, we buy lottery tickets with the objective of winning. However, there should be a certain limit to how we play the game. When you use your budget for food and accommodation or you borrow money just to be able to buy tickets, then that is the time when lottery tickets are not worth it.

However, when you set a budget and strictly stick to it, lottery tickets are definitely worth it. After all, it is only through the game of lottery that a simple piece of paper can turn you into an instant multi-millionaire. To guide you on your journey to millions of pounds or dollars, read the article below: