Are online lottery legal?

How can I tell if it is really allowed by law?

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That's a good question. Thanks for asking. It really depends on where you are located. Some countries do not allow online lotteries because of certain laws that have been put in place. So, you need to go out to a retailer and buy your numbers to play the lottery. 

Some are concerned about protecting those under the age of 18 or people becoming addicted to gambling. However, in some states, they allow online subscriptions for several lotteries like Mega Millions, Lotto, and others. 

So, to be safe, be sure to check your local legislation, and the best way is to check the official website of your national or local lottery to see if tickets can be bought online as some places allow this.

Existing laws may be changed in the future, depending on the lawmakers' decision. Here's a news article you can read,

Hope that helps.