Lotto Questions List

It's good to know in case anyone wins.

Just want to make sure it is not rigged.

How can I tell if it is really allowed by law?

How can I tell if a lottery site is secure?

Want to join and get a piece of the action.

I want to try playing but a bit on the fence.

How can one tell if they're for real?

How can I tell if I'm being conned?

What if I win a big jackpot? At what amount are lottery winnings taxed?

Can anyone tell me the math involved in calculating lottery odds?

Does anyone here know how lottery numbers are drawn?

I'm curious to know... how are lottery tickets made?

What happens if the winner dies? Can the winnings be transferred to relatives?

Never won a prize! Are lottery numbers really random or are they fixed?

Is buying lottery tickets considered as gambling?

I've been playing for years and have never won the jackpot. Are lottery tickets really worth it?

Fixing my taxes... are lottery winnings considered income?