How lottery machines generate numbers?

I find lottery machines fascinating! How are the numbers generated?

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There are two types of lottery machines - the gravity pic and air mix machines.

These machines have some things in common:

• Both are designed, tested and proven through statistical analysis to ensure that the combinations of numbers are completely random.

• During the mixing and drawing, the balls can be seen through the transparent machine. They never disappear inside the chambers or tubes to ensure that the machine cannot be compromised.

Many believe that the gravity-pick lotto machine is more secure that the air mix machine. In this type of lottery machine, the balls are placed inside the chamber where two paddles mix the balls by spinning in opposite directions. The machine operator then opens a sliding door which can be found at the bottom of the chamber. The balls pass a clear tube and end up in a clear display area where people can read the numbers.

In the air-mix lotto machine type, numbered ping-pong balls are used and carefully calibrated to meet the ideal size and weight. The balls are released into the mixing chamber where jets of air blow up to mix them. To draw a ball, the operator opens a valve where air can escape. The valve is connected to a clear tube. Once it is opened, the balls are blown into the tube and into the clear display area.