How lottery numbers are drawn?

Does anyone here know how lottery numbers are drawn?

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How lottery numbers are drawn vary from game to game. However, they employ a similar system. Basically, the contest administrators use a verified and tested lottery machine to draw the numbered balls. The lotto machine and the balls have to pass certain standards laid out by the contest administrators. Let's take the UK 49s draw as an example:

For every draw, there is an independent adjudicator who weighs each ball. Before and after the draw, this person ensures that every ball weighs within 0.5 grammes of the manufacturer weight. If one of the balls do not meet this standard, a whole new set will be tested. When the balls are not used for the draws, they are typically kept in a safe. Moreover, these balls are only handled using white cotton gloves. The adjudicator is also responsible for overseeing the draw and confirming every ball drawn.