What lottery numbers should I pick?

What are the perfect lottery numbers for winning?

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Here are some articles we've written that can help you pick your lottery numbers:



1. Take advantage of a random number generator

When choosing lotto numbers, the more random they are, the better. Unfortunately, humans are generally bad at selecting random numbers. We tend to choose number patterns based on superstition and important dates. There is a possibility that more people came up with the same combination. You can avoid this problem by looking for a random number generator online or by using the Quick Pick Option.

2. Select numbers that go beyond dates

Choosing dates limits your numbers to half of the available digits in the pool. Moreover, if you spread the numbers across the pool, you'll possibly be the sole winner or you only have to split the money with one or two people.

3. Follow hot numbers

Some numbers tend to appear several times in a particular lotto. Make sure you keep track of these numbers and consider them when you're coming up with your combination.