Where is online lottery legal?

Just want to make sure that I'm not doing illegal gambling. Where is online lottery legal?

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In this blog post, you will see a diagram of the legal status of lotto in specific countries. The diagram categorises the countries per region or continent. North America and Europe are mostly populated. However, the diagram for Central America, Asia and other regions are mostly empty.

It is worth noting that the diagram also features other forms of online gaming that involve betting. So in this diagram, you will be able to see the legal status of online casino, online bingo, online poker, online sports betting and bitcoin gaming. Under the categories, you will discover whether the industry requires a licence or not; legal or illegal or regulated or not regulated. In some countries, online lottery is illegal but it is not prosecuted. It is best to look for countries where online lottery is legal and regulated. If you are located in this country, you can rest assured that you won't get into trouble buying lottery tickets online.