Which lottery wins the most?

Just wondering which lottery has the most winners.

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There have been hundreds of thousands of lottery winners in history and it could be quite difficult to keep track of them. At the moment, there are no public records available illustrating which lottery has provided the most winners. However, if you want to know which lotto awards the most winners in a single draw, the answer would be El Gordo:


The prize pool for El Gordo usually reaches a massive €3.6 billion and 70% of it is divided between thousands of winners - 15,304 winners to be exact! The El Gordo, or the sole Big Winner, gets to take home €4 million. There are sole winners up to the third prize. So if you want to join a lottery contest that awards the most winners on a single draw, El Gordo is definitely a top choice. If you are not physically located in Spain, you can still join this contest and stand a chance at winning one of the thousands of prizes. Simply buy your tickets through reliable lottery concierge services like TheLotter: