Best Real Money Poker App Introduction

The coolest part about playing online poker nowadays is getting to do so without actually having to use your computer. If that doesn’t make any sense, after you read this guide, everything will be cleared up. A computer is no longer necessary to play poker online. That’s right. All you need is a smartphone, an iPad, or a tablet.

That doesn’t mean you can no longer play poker on a computer. You still can if that’s what you prefer. However, there is an even more convenient way to play poker – on a mobile device. A few years back, online poker sites began realizing that customers wanted more from the online poker experience. So they came up with the perfect solution – mobile poker apps.

What’s more exciting than playing poker on your computer? Playing poker on your phone! A mobile poker app comes in handy when you’re out and about, stuck at the airport, in a long boring lecture at school, or simply don’t have a computer nearby. Mobile poker apps are convenient and easy to use. You don’t have even need to be tech savvy to play poker on your phone.

All you have to do is download the best poker app available on your phone, iPad, or tablet, and start playing. Okay, so there is actually a bit more to it. First, you must sign- for an account with an online poker site. You can do this on your mobile app or computer – your choice. Sign-up is a very simple process. You decide on a screen name (on most poker sites) and then provide your personal information such as date of birth, name, address, and email address.

After you get signed up, the next step is to make your first deposit. This will be the money you use to play poker on your mobile app. Deposits can be made, depending on the poker site, via Visa and MasterCard, Skrill, bank transfer, Western Union, and other payment methods. Most of the time, the money you deposit will be available immediately, and you can begin playing.

Once you have made a deposit, you are ready to play. But before you play, you need to find best Android poker app, best iPad poker app or iPhone app. We don’t want you to settle for just any mobile app. We want you to play on the best app. To help you find the best mobile poker app, we are going to share with you the characteristics and qualities you should seek.

Best Poker App Android, iPhone, iPad, and Tablets

To get the most out of your online poker playing experience, seek out a mobile poker app that is perfect for you. Avoid any app that doesn’t meet the highest of standards. Quite frankly, there are tons of mobile poker apps out there that just aren’t worth a darn. Mobile poker apps that are worth a darn meet the following requirements:

Simple navigation

This is especially important for poker players that aren’t tech savvy. If you’re the type of person that is still figuring out how to work your smartphone, you are going to want a mobile poker app that is easy to navigate, not an app that you’ll need a user’s manual to operate. Mobile poker is supposed to be convenient, so why use an app that is a pain in the butt?

Cool graphics

We all like shiny things. A few years ago, when mobile poker apps were first invented, the apps weren’t very easy on the eye. Things have changed. Developers are getting more and more creative, and the quality of the graphics you’ll find on most of the apps are outstanding. The mobile apps have improved greatly since the first one launched years ago. If you find a poker site that doesn’t have an attractive mobile app, you should look elsewhere. There are plenty of slick mobile apps out there.

Plenty of mobile games

Some poker sites don’t offer all of their games on the mobile app. In order to play in some games, you have to log onto your computer. However, many of the mobile apps allow customers to play all or most of the games they have to offer on a mobile device. If you feel there aren’t enough games available on the mobile app, try out a different poker site.

Positive reputation

What others say about any mobile poker app is important. That doesn’t mean if, when searching online, you find one or two negative comments about the app you should avoid it. After all, everything great has haters. Even the Pope has some haters. Just like some people prefer Pepsi over Coke, some prefer one mobile poker app over another. But if the poker site and app receive mostly high praise, you found yourself a great app to play on.

Massive traffic

The mobile poker app isn’t the only thing you need to take into consideration. You also need to make sure the app you choose is from a poker site that has enough traffic so you can get in a game at any time. Many of the poker sites out there don’t have enough players to be worth the time. If there aren’t many games going, or you always have to wait long to get into a game, it doesn’t matter how great the mobile poker app is.

How to Play on a Mobile Poker App

Please note that every mobile poker app is slightly different. But, generally speaking, once you have the app downloaded and have signed up for the poker site and made your first deposit, you will be able to play poker on your phone within a matter of seconds. It shouldn’t ever take long to get signed up for a game. We’re talking almost instantaneously. If you have problems getting logged on or into a game quickly, you aren’t playing on one of the best poker apps.

Gameplay is very simple to figure out. It won’t take you more than a few minutes the first time to get the hang of it. After opening the app, enter your log-in information (username or email and password). This will bring you to the main screen where you will have the option to view the cashier to make a deposit, request a withdrawal, or check your account balance. From the main screen, you will also be able to open up the different games.

The poker games will be separated by multi-table tournaments, cash games, and Sit n go’s. This makes it easy for players to choose a game and navigate around the app. Navigation is basically click and go. It requires very little knowledge of modern technology. If you can use a smartphone, you can play poker on a mobile device.

Gameplay is very similar to playing poker on a computer. When it’s your turn to act, the app will automatically alert you. Instead of clicking with your mouse if you want to check, bet, raise, or fold, you will simply use your fingers like you do on any other mobile app you have. It’s so easy a baby could do it!

Signs It's Not the Best Mobile Poker App

If you have recently downloaded a mobile poker app and aren’t sure if it’s mediocre, if it has any of the following qualities, we suggest you find somewhere else to play:

Poor reputation

This is very important. If the consensus from the poker community is that the mobile app is lousy, you should take that as a hint to play elsewhere. A few bad reviews here and there is fine, but when everyone seems to say it’s no good, take the hint.

Runs slowly

If you log in, and the app seems to run slow, find a different one. We’d hate to see you have your hand folded when you’re in the middle of a big pot because you weren’t able to act quick enough.

Old-school look

Granted, mobile poker isn’t very “old-school” since it’s only been available for a few years, but if your mobile poker app looks like some weird 1995 Commodore Beta version, it’s time to find something that looks more appealing.

Why You Should Expect the Best

If you aren’t a picky person, that’s cool. But when it comes to mobile poker apps, you should be. We don’t want you to take any chances by playing somewhere that isn’t fun or safe. Online poker should be an enjoyable experience. If you play poker online on a mobile device, you should trust the poker site and the mobile app.

The best mobile apps are those on the sites we recommend. We’ve tested them all out and are confident they are safe, secure, and fun. If you play elsewhere, it could be risky. There are some questionable poker sites out there, and we want to steer you away from them. The sites we recommend have a strong reputation of paying players quickly and providing solid customer service. You deserve to be treated like an important customer at any poker site.

Mobile Poker Games You Can Play

There are many different types of poker games you can play on a mobile poker app. Nearly every poker site allows customers to play the same games on a mobile app as they can play on a computer. Let’s take a look at the list of different games you’ll be able to play when you download poker software on your mobile device.

Multi-table tournaments

Standard poker tournaments that require more than one table. Most multi-table tournaments don’t put a cap on the number of players enrolled. Many of them also offer a guaranteed prize pool regardless of how many players sign-up.

Cash games

These are the most popular online poker games. You can play for as long as you’d like, so long as you have the money. Unlike tournaments, you buy in with cash and receive chips of the amount of your buy in.

Sit n go’s

Sit n go’s are extremely popular online because they aren’t available in most land-based poker rooms. These are tournaments that require a specific number of players to be enrolled before play begins. Most SNG’s are 1-table, usually 6 or 9 players, but you can also play heads-up SNG’s and multi-table SNG’s. Typically, the top 33% are paid in SNG’s.

Free rolls

These are just like regular multi-table tournaments except there is no entrance fee and you can win real money. Free rolls are great for inexperienced poker players just learning how to play the game. They don’t cost anything to play so you won’t have to risk losing any money while you learn how to play.

Play money games

These are also just like regular multi-table tournaments, however, you can’t win any money. They’re fun to play and perfect for those that want to gain some experience and learn how to play the game before depositing any money.

Who Plays on Mobile Poker Apps

Millions of people around the world now play poker on mobile apps. They come in handy when you don’t have access to a computer or laptop or a card room nearby. It’s just so convenient, and that’s what makes it so popular. Nearly every online poker player now plays, at least, some poker on a mobile device. It’s too convenient not to.

From pros to recreational players, the excitement of playing poker on a phone is appealing. You’re guaranteed to have a blast playing poker online and, hey, you might even win some money. Perhaps, even A LOT of money! The game of poker has always been great, but now it’s even more awesome with the addition of mobile poker apps.