How poker players become pro?

Aspiring pro poker player here! Can you share stories of how poker players became pro?

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This is an interesting question. To provide you with inspiration on your journey towards becoming a professional poker player, here are some top poker player profiles:

Simply go to the sidebar and you will find a list of bio for successful pro players, including Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Chris Moneymaker, among many others. Let us share with you the story of some of our favourite players.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is the son of Romanian immigrants. He grew up in Toronto and developed a penchant for pool hustling, gambling and poker. He was a high school drop out when he decided he wanted to play poker full time. At the beginning of his career, he frequented charity casinos and gambling halls to compete with adults twice his age. 

Eventually, he earned enough money to move from Toronto to Las Vegas. However, he lost all his savings and went back home. For years, he went on a cycle of winning in Toronto and Losing in Las Vegas. However, he continued to push forward, studied and worked on developing his poker skills. His hard work eventually paid off and now the Daniel Negreanu net worth is roughly between $12 to 50 million.

Tom "durrr" Dwan

Dwan's story can be considered an inspirational "rags to riches" narrative. He started his career with a small bankroll, playing online poker tables and tournaments. Before he completely went offline and played at casinos in Asia, his estimated net worth was $10 million. Now, we all know how big the stakes and prize pools are in Macau. So, it is safe to assume that the Tom Dwan net worth has definitely increased.

Here's what's interesting about Dwan. On his 17th birthday, his father gave him a $50 present. He used this money to make a deposit at online poker site Paradise Poker. He entered $6 sit-and-goes (SnGs) and ended up losing $35. However, on his last two SnGs, he was able to cash in. The rest is history.

Barry Greenstein

Are you stuck in a career rut? Well, you should check out Barry Greenstein's background to get inspiration. Greenstein has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. While taking up his PhD in Mathematics, he would play poker as a hobby. He even worked as a software developer for Symantec - the tech company known for releasing the Norton Anti-Virus brand.

After years of leisurely playing poker, Greenstein realised that he had what it takes to become a pro and earn bigger money. So, he decided to resign from his day job and become a full-time poker player. Greenstein is known to use his strong analytical skills to create a highly calculated approach when playing poker.

Fun Fact: He was the one who taught and trained high-stakes specialist Mimi Tran. They dated for a while.

Phil Hellmuth

Here is another inspiring story of success through perseverance. Phil Hellmuth learned how to play poker through his family. He even mentioned that the games he enjoyed the most were the ones he played against his grandmother, Agnes Slattery. 

When he was attending the University of Wisconsin, he started to play local poker games. Eventually, his bankroll grew to an amount which could help him drop out of college and pursue a career in professional poker. Like Negreanu, Hellmuth's career in Las Vegas was not a smooth ride. He would always lose the games and his bankroll. By then, he would go back to Madison and rebuild his bankroll by Detasseling corn and tilling soil for Blaine Farms. It was only after his tenth Las Vegas visit that he started winning at the tables. It is believed that the Phil Hellmuth net worth is around $20 million.