How poker tournaments work?

I'm thinking of entering poker tournaments. Can somebody tell me how poker tournaments work?

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The rules of poker tournaments work the same as cash games, but there are big differences between the two. When you join a poker tournament, you will get the same number of chips as other players. This means that everyone in the tournament gets to experience an equal playing field. Your objective is to be the last player standing so that you can take home the top prize. Here are the vital things you need to know about poker tournaments:

• Poker tournaments have buy-ins which can range from freerolls to hundreds of thousands. Part of the buy-in goes to the poker operator as well. Most tournaments you will find are typically labelled as £X+£Y. X goes to the prize pool while Y is the operator's cut.

• There are different kinds of tournaments. Sit and go's (SNGs) start when the tables are full and they are perfect for players who do not have several hours to spare for playing. On the other hand, multi-table tournaments (MTTs) have a set time and place so you have to watch out for the schedule. When you go online and join MTTs, the site will randomly place you at a table.

• All players who join will receive the same number of chips unless the tournament features add-ons and re-buys.

• Tournaments run similarly to cash games. When all the players have posted their antes, blinds, etc., every player will be dealt their cards. The game will begin and they will play according to the poker variation's rules.

• A player's objective is to win as many chips as possible. Once you lose your chips, you will be out of the tournament.

• As more and more players are kicked out of the tournament, the tables will be consolidated. This means that the players get shuffled around the tables.

• The sole player left will win the top prize. Keep in mind that a huge chunk of the buy-in goes into the prize pool. So, if there are 1,000 players and the buy-in is £100, the prize pool will be worth £100,000.

• You have to note that the entire amount of the prize pool does not go to the winner. In most tournaments, the prize pool is distributed to the final players. The winner gets to take home the biggest share of the pool.

That's pretty much the basic things you need to know about tournaments. On the other hand, if you want to know how to choose the best online tournament for you, read the article below: