Poker Questions List

Looking for a couple of poker sites where I can use PayPal.

I love Lady Gaga's song Poker Face! Can't stop singing it. What does poker face mean?

Hello! I've been playing poker for quite some time and been enjoying the occasional wins. But I want to know what I get out of this aside from the money. What can I learn from playing poker?

Is a straight hand unbeatable? If not, then what poker hand beats a straight?

What kind of poker chips do casinos use?

How can I tell if I'm playing at a fair poker site? What poker sites are not rigged?

I'm planning to visit a land-based casino this weekend and play poker. What poker is played in casinos?

I want to come up with a better strategy at playing poker. Can anybody tell me what poker hands beat what? Thanks!

I want to make sure that I'm not blowing my cash on dodgy poker sites. Can somebody please tell me what online poker sites are legit? How do I tell if it's legit?

Hi! I've been playing poker in casinos but I want to try playing online. Can you tell me what online poker sites use real money? Any pointers when choosing these sites? Thanks in advance!

I'm searching the Internet for the best online poker site. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Can anyone recommend some poker sites that are legit and safe?