What poker face means?

I love Lady Gaga's song Poker Face! Can't stop singing it. What does poker face mean?

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Poker Face is a popular technique used by poker players in an effort to conceal the cards they have in their hand. It involves having a blank expression on the face, rid of any emotion. Players wear a poker face to maintain their composure so their hand won't be revealed to their opponents and consequently gain an advantage over them.

Now let's discuss Lady Gaga's Poker Face:


The term "poker face" was used in Lady Gaga's song to illustrate how the protagonist of the song will lead the other person on and "get him hot." Consequently, with her "poker face" she will influence the other person to bet bigger on their "love game." There are also sexual innuendos in the lyrics, but we're not going to discuss those to stay within topic.