What poker teaches you?

Hello! I've been playing poker for quite some time and been enjoying the occasional wins. But I want to know what I get out of this aside from the money. What can I learn from playing poker?

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There are two interesting articles you can read that can answer your question. Here's the first one:


According to the article, poker teaches as important skills on Math, strategic thinking, money management and emotional maturity.

Math - Playing poker can enhance your skills in statistics and probabilities. It is important for players to quickly calculate the "pot odds" so they know how much they can win against the amount they would have to risk.

Strategic Thinking - Winning poker requires you to outthink your opponents. You have to learn how to take various pieces of information and use them to make smart decisions. 

Money Management - When you run out of money, you won't be able to keep playing poker. If you want to play regularly, you have to learn money management skills which you will find useful off the felt as well. 

Emotional Maturity - Playing poker takes you to an emotional roller coaster ride. It takes emotional maturity to be able to stay calm while handling wins and loses. Through time, you will learn how to handle emotional swings - a skill you will find beneficial on the table and in real life too.

Here is another good read:


The term "learn to play the hands you're dealt with" couldn't be truer in life than it is in poker. While some people think that their life turned out bad because they were dealt with bad cards, to begin with. In poker, you don't get to choose what cards you will get. You just have to work on what you have and use them to your advantage. The same is true in life. Instead of sulking for the rest of your life, you have to take action and use your weaknesses as fuel to success. Yes, it is true that privileged people have more chances of achieving great things. However, how else will you learn to climb if you do not start from the bottom?