Where was poker originated?

My friend and I are debating where poker came from. I said the US but he keeps on insisting China! Where was poker originated?

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You both are right in some ways. While poker was believed to be invented in the United States, its roots trace back to 10th century China. Some historians believe that the game originated from a domino card game played by a Chinese emperor over 1,000 years ago. There are also historians who believe that poker descended from the 16th-century Persian card game known as "As Nas". It's known European predecessor was Poque. In this game, each player is dealt three cards and bluffing is an essential part of the game.

French colonists then brought the game of Poque to their settlements in North America. The closest game format to the poker game we know today was invented in the United States, specifically in New Orleans over a thousand years ago:


Poker was initially played as a five-card draw game. In this game format, each player is dealt five cards from the deck. They then attempt to put together the strongest possible hand. They replace the original cards they were dealt with by drawing additional cards from the deck.