Why poker is good for you?

Why should I start playing poker? Why is it good for me?

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Before we discuss the benefits of playing poker, let us not forget to mention that poker is only good for you if you know how to exercise limitations and discipline. Apart from the monetary gain, poker teaches you some invaluable skills that you can use in real life. Let us share with you two insightful articles that perfectly illustrate why poker is good for you:


The article above mentioned that poker teaches useful skills on math, strategic thinking, money management and emotional maturity.

Math - To be able to efficiently play poker, you have to develop skills in statistics and probabilities. Moving from "casual player" to "winning player" level requires you to have the ability to quickly calculate "pot odds." It is highly important for a player to know how much they can gain versus the amount they would have to risk.

Strategic Thinking - In order to win a round of poker, you have to outthink your opponents. It takes skill to be able to put together different pieces of information and use them to make smart decisions.

Money Management - Money is essential when you're playing poker, and if you run out of it, you wouldn't be able to keep playing. To be able to play poker on a regular basis, you have to learn money management skills which you will find useful in life as well.

Emotional Maturity - A game of poker involves money, mystery, suspense and thrill. Moreover, not all players end up winners after a round of poker. Needless to say, you have to develop emotional maturity to be able to calmly handle wins and losses. The longer you play poker, the higher your level of emotional maturity will become. This is a skill that you will find beneficial in real life as well.

The article below is also a good read:


The term "learn to play the hands you're dealt with" originated from poker. However, this term also applies in real life. A lot of people blame the cards of destiny for making their lives miserable. In poker, you don't get to choose what cards you will get. You just have to work on what you have and use them to your advantage. This is also true in life. Instead of spending the rest of your life playing victim to circumstances, you have to use your weaknesses, turn them into assets and take action. While it is true that privileged people have more chances of achieving great things, they do not develop the same resilience you have. If you've hit rock bottom, there is no other way but up.