Free Horse Races

Ah, the ponies. There’s nothing like spending the day watching the fastest horses compete against each other for fame and glory. And you might want to put down a buck or two for your favourite, but what if you don’t have any cash to do so?

If you are at a racetrack and you want to bet in person, unfortunately you really can’t do it for free. When you place a bet at the track, you have to line up and give the teller actual cash in order to bet on the ponies. So if you do want to bet on horse races without spending a thing, the only way to do it is through top online sportsbooks or betting exchanges using no deposit betting bonuses.

What are Horse Racing No Deposit Bonuses?

No deposit sports betting bonuses allow you to place a few bets online without requiring you to fund your account. All you have to do is sign up for the site, and you will be given the bonus. You can think of a no deposit bonus as a way for the site to say “thank you” for signing up.

This bonus usually comes in the form of free money, and you can use it right away to wager on horse races. The amount of free money you receive will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook (and it will vary from betting exchange to betting exchange). Some might offer £10, some might offer £30, and some might only offer free bets on a specific sports event. But generally, it is enough for you to make a few wagers on your chosen event.

Depending on what event you want to bet on horses free, you might want to choose a betting exchange instead of an online sportsbook. When it comes to an online betting exchange, you are betting against the odds of other punters, instead of betting against the odds of sportsbooks. What is also great about betting exchanges is that you can create your own odds and wait for somebody else to bet against you. To make the most out of your free horse racing bets, pick an online betting exchange that has low commission rates.

So if you want to bet on horse racing for free, choose one of the sports betting sites featured here on and sign up to claim your no deposit bonus!

Why Do Betting Sites Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

Sports betting is a huge industry. If you search for “sports betting site” on your browser’s search engine, you will be flooded with so many choices. This has resulted in intense competition among betting sites, so they have to come up with ways to attract new punters like you to use their site.

This is why no deposit sports betting bonuses exist. It’s a way to make a site inviting for sports betting fans. After all, who doesn’t love some free cash? If you need any help searching for an online platform that has great offers and offers free horse racing stream services, you can always count on hityah to provide comprehensive reviews about horse betting sites. Not only do we tell you about no deposit bonuses, we also talk about VIP loyalty programs, software ratings, mobile betting options, device reviews, and pros and cons.

Special Promotion Bonuses

There may be instances when online sportsbooks give special promotion bonuses. This is a chance for you to get more free money without making a deposit. These kinds of promotions are usually offered in conjunction with a particular event, or a product launch. For example, your site may be a sponsor for Manchester United. So in an upcoming Premier League match where Manchester United will face off against Liverpool, you receive a special bonus code to use for that game. Another example would be that your site recently launched a new mobile betting feature. So to get you to try it out, the site will send you the bonus.

In order not to miss any special promos, remember to sign up for your betting site’s email or SMS notifications. This way, you will be informed immediately when you have some free money to claim!

A Note on Wagering Requirements

Any sports betting bonus usually comes with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements specify the amount of real money you need to bet before you can withdraw your no deposit bonus.

For example, you see a sportsbook that offers a £25 no deposit bonus and requires a x4 wagering requirement. The £25 will be placed into your account, but you need to wager at least £100 (£25 multiplied by 4) before your £25 can be withdrawn.

Just like bonuses, the details of wagering requirements vary from betting site to betting site. So remember to take a few minutes to find out what the wagering requirements are, so you know exactly how to withdraw the free money you received.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Free Horse Race Bet

Before giving away some free horse racing tips for you to use on your wager, you should first select what kind of wager to put down. You can choose to make straight bets or exotic bets, which are the primary categories of horse race betting. Straight bets are wagers that you place on a single horse. Exotic bets are wager placed on multiple horses.

If you want to wager on a single horse, you can choose to place a Win Bet, where you select a horse you think will finish in first place. You can also make a Place Bet, where you choose a horse that can finish in either first or second place. If you want to keep it safe, then you can place Show Bet, where you choose a horse to finish in first, second or third place.

If you have advanced knowledge in horse racing (or maybe you just want to be risky), you can place exotic bets. An example of this kind of bet is the Exacta Bet, where you bet on two horses that will finish in first and second place respectively. You can also bet on three horses to finish first, second and third respectively. This is called a Trifecta Bet. These kinds of bets are usually harder to get right, but if you do, then you are in for a pretty lucrative payout.

Tip #1 – Research on the Past Performances of the Horses

The most basic thing you can do is to review the past performances of the horses who are going to compete in a race. You should learn about the average speed rating of a horse, as well as which track it is most comfortable with. There are generally three kinds of tracks – dirt, turf, and synthetic. The performance of a horse can be largely affected by the track. So even if you see a horse that has a good speed rating on dirt tracks, but is only racing on a turf track for the first time, you might want to reserve your free bet on another pony.

Tip #2 – Take Note of the Trainer and Jockey

Winning horse races involves the three-way partnership of the horse, the jockey, and the horse trainer. All work together to produce incredible results on the track. So our horse racing tips free are: take note of the jockey, as well as the trainer. It the jockey consistently places, then that is a great sign. You should also note who the trainer is. Similarly, check if the trainer is a veteran. Trainers who have been in the industry longer tend to have already fashioned a solid training philosophy and technique, so they rarely present a horse they know wouldn’t stand a chance on the track.

An even better scenario is if the trainer and jockey have worked together in the past. This means that these two have already formed a partnership, and the trainer knows very well what kind of horse will bond with the jockey. If you happen to find a horse with a good track record and is being handled by a jockey and trainer who regularly work together, then that is a solid candidate for a Win.

Tip #3 – Review the Horse Class Levels

The third advice we have for todays horse racing tips free is to review horse class levels. In horse racing, there are levels called classes that categorise groups of horses. These four classes are maiden races, claiming races, allowance races, and stakes races. As a horse moves up a class, the horse gets to compete in events with higher race purses.

A horse’s class will help you foresee if it can perform well on a race. For example, you are going to bet on a £25,000 allowance race. You select your pony, and you see that it has finished in first place in its previous two races. But then, you notice that these previous races were claiming races.

You then realise that this is the first time your chosen pony is going to compete in an allowance race, while its competitors all have experience in the same class. For this reason, you might choose not to place a Win Bet on the pony, because it might be outclassed by the other horses. You might be better off using your free wager on a Place Bet or Show Bet.

Claim Your No Deposit Horse Racing Bonus Today!

Now that you know how to bet on horse races for free, go ahead and sign up to a hityah recommended betting site. Once you are given your free money bonus, you can choose your lucky horse and watch the race unfold!