Mobile Horse Race Betting

There are millions of phones in Britain, that is why it is not surprising to know that a lot of sportsbooks have expanded their reach to the mobile market. It’s not only phones that people are widely using. To keep themselves connected to the world, people also use iPads, Android tablets and similar devices. That is why a lot of horse race punters are delighted to know that they can place wagers even when they are not in front of their computers or laptops. Because of this, it has become vital for online bookmakers to also have a mobile version.

There are a lot of mobile horse race betting apps you can find out there. With all the choices in front of you, it can become quite difficult to choose which one to create an account with. That is why we have compiled a list of factors you should look out for when choosing a mobile horse betting software. Take a look at some of the features below to discover what makes a great horse race mobile betting app.

Availability of Mobile App on Different Operating Systems

It is good to know that you can place horse race wagers from literally anywhere and all you need to have is an Internet connection and a mobile device. However, it can be quite frustrating to discover that some bookmakers only make apps for certain operating systems. Needless to say, if you have gadgets with different operating systems, it would be best to choose a sportsbook which caters to a wide variety of platforms.

Use Your Android Device When Betting on Horse Racing

Android is a popular operating system among smartphones. So, you can easily find mobile betting apps that are compatible with it. However, most Android horse race betting apps are not available on the Google Play Store. Hence, you will need a third party source to be able to install the Android betting app.

Place Horse Race Bets Using Your iPhone or iPad

Users of iOS are fortunate because most sports betting apps are available on iTunes. Hence, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you would not have a difficult time discovering and downloading the horse race betting app. Don’t forget to claim your free bet bonus when you create a new mobile bookmaker account!

Horse Race Betting on Blackberry

For quite some time, it was not possible to place horse race wagers through a Blackberry. However, the brand has changed its policy making its store open for mobile sports betting apps.

Mobile Racing App Layout and Navigation

One of the vital features that a mobile horse betting app should possess is a user-friendly interface and layout. The app should be easy in the eye and navigating through the content should be convenient. If you review the app, you should check to see if you can easily access the markets and that you can place your wagers without getting lost on the site, wasting much of your precious time and mobile data.

You should also be able to have the same functionalities whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android tablet or Android smartphone. Its software should appropriately adjust to the kind of device you are using, ensuring that navigation is smooth and all the vital features can be seen.

Ideally, you should be able to see a ‘Most Popular Sports’ menu where you can find all the sports you can bet on, including horse racing. There should be a search function or an A to Z list of all the sports available on the betting app. This gives you plenty of options on how you can reach the horse racing page.

A good mobile horse betting app should allow you to break down the racing meets by country. By having this option readily available to you, you can quickly access the most popular horse racing tournaments in your region. When you are choosing which horse/s to bet on, you should be able to set the odds to either fractional or decimal formats. Your betting slip should be accessible as well. With just one tap, you should be able to see your bet selections so you can enter your stake and place your wager/s easily.

Horse Race Betting App Security

One of the most vital features you should review when you are choosing a bookmaker app is the security. A bit of research won’t hurt. Check out the software developer for the horse race betting app and do some research regarding what type of technology it uses to make sure that transactions made through the app are secure. A sports mobile betting app with an excellent security usually incorporates a sophisticated 128-bit encryption technology. With the data encrypted, it would be impossible for any third party to intercept the transactions.

It is also good to know that there are sports betting apps which extend their encryption technology to all personal information details and all financial transactions. iOS and Android users can also trust their Linux-based operating system to protect their mobile betting activities from the kind of trojans and viruses that typically infect laptops and desktops.

Horse Race Mobile Betting Features

An excellent mobile betting app for horse racing should have functional and vital features as well. An in-play betting console should be available on the app. While horse races run within a short period of time, there are still several unexpected things that can happen. Hence, the availability of live betting is vital. Make sure you check if live streaming is also available so you can keep yourself updated with what’s happening on the field. It would also be helpful if, through the app or the mobile site version of the bookmaker, you can listen to a selection of sports radio stations. In this way, you have access to breaking horse race news.

The mobile sports betting app for horse racing should also be available in different languages, including English, Finnish, Greek, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish, among many others. You should be able to easily switch the language to suit your preference. Moreover, different currencies should be accepted. It would be convenient if you can see the bet denominations by AUD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD and ZAR, among others.

Available Bonuses on a Horse Racing Betting App

What’s great about bookmakers with mobile versions is that they offer bonuses to encourage the punters to use their app. Hence, if you are thinking of betting on horse racing using a mobile wagering app, look for a bookmaker that offers specific bonuses for their mobile app. Moreover, you should be able to gain access to the usual betting bonuses through the mobile app. The different types of wagering bonuses you can take advantage of including a first-time deposit bonus or a reload bonus.

Mobile Betting Apps That Feature Various Betting Markets

What’s the purpose of having a mobile wagering app if you cannot explore different betting markets? Needless to say, a good betting app should allow you to have plenty of options when it comes to placing horse race wagers. Here are some of the betting markets you can explore in horse racing. Choose a mobile app where you can spread bet on the jockey’s performance, winning distances and starting prices. Doing so will allow you to place a wager on a race or a meeting without having to predict the eventual winner. Here are some of the betting markets you can find on mobile horse racing wagering apps.

  • Winning Distances Betting - Betting on winning distances market is one of the most popular daily horse race wagering specials. This is a spread betting market that predicts the total winning distances over all races at a particular meeting.
  • Individual Race Betting - Race index is a horse race betting market wherein points are awarded to horses depending on the place they finish in an individual race. This betting market allows you to oppose or back a horse – a feature you can’t find in a traditional fixed-odds betting market.
  • Match Betting - In this type of horse race bet, you will concentrate on only two horses in a particular race. It does not matter what place these horses finish in the race. What counts is the distance between the two at the end of the race.
  • Favourites Betting - In this particular betting scheme, you will be allowed to wager on how you think the favourites will perform at a particular race or meeting.
  • Racing Post-Favourites Betting - This betting market works on the same principle as the Favourites. However, you will bet on the favourites listed in the betting section below each race card in the Racing Post.
  • Jockey Betting - Perhaps you are one of the many punters who have their favourite jockeys. If that’s the case, this is the betting market for you because you can bet on how your favourite jockey will perform in a particular race.

Free Horse Racing Betting App

The best things in life are free and the same is true for mobile apps for horse race betting. You should be able to download the app for free. If you are asked to pay for the app, look for another mobile bookmaker. An excellent mobile sportsbook will allow you to explore and review its features without making any initial payments.